The Microsoft Band 2 is back at a discounted price of $175 until May 21. Originally priced at $250, the wearable can now be snagged both at the Microsoft Store and Best Buy.

The Band 2 was given a price cut between February and late March, enabling consumers to purchase the wearable at 30 percent off the original price. The lower price point may have become so popular among users that Microsoft decided to reinstate it, as seen from its online store.

Microsoft's Band 2 features a continuous heart rate monitor that effectively tracks calorie burn, heart rate and sleep quality. Other activity options include golf, biking, running and more. Since the wearable can work compatibly with Windows, Android and iPhone devices, users can also take advantage of the device's capability to send email, text, call and calendar notifications while they are on the go and with whatever handset they are using.

"Microsoft Band helps you live healthier by tracking your heart rate, exercise, calorie burn and sleep quality, and helps you be productive with email, text, and calendar alerts," says Microsoft. "Preview emails, get calendar and call alerts, receive text messages and see social updates. Reply instantly to texts with a standard quick response or dictate a response using Cortana."

For the specs geeks, the water-resistant Microsoft Band 2 has a 32 x 12.8 millimeter (1.26 x 0.50 inch) AMOLED display with a pixel resolution of 320 x 128. It has a Li-Polymer battery that offers up to 48 hours of battery life and a full charging capacity of less than one and a half hours. Its wide array of sensors includes an optical heart rate sensor, a three-axis accelerometer, an ambient light sensor and a skin temperature sensor. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a haptic vibration motor.

Users should be able to get the Microsoft Band 2 according to their wrist size to ensure a snug fit. There are at least three sizes to choose from: small, which is good for wrists that measure 5.7 to 6.5 inches; medium, which is meant for those whose wrist size is from 6.3 to 7.5 inches; and large, which is perfect for wrist sizes between 7.3 and 8.5 inches.

Both the Microsoft store and Best Buy are offering the Band 2 at the retail price of $175.

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