Apple CEO Tim Cook says TV is 'stuck back in the seventies'


It's been nearly a week since Apple's major product launch event, and yet, the company keeps trying to convince us that it's super-innovative.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said TV is "stuck back in the seventies" during his appearance on "Charlie Rose" on Friday, Sept. 12. Cook's comments on the antiquity of TV today was a part of a discussion on Apple's possible plans to focus more on beefing up its TV technology, which consisted of Cook mostly deflecting questions from Rose.

"Think about how much your life has changed, and yet when you go in your living room to watch the TV, it almost feels like you're rewinding the clock, and you've entered a time capsule," Cook said during the interview.

Apple is no stranger to the TV game. The company released Apple TV in 2007. Early on, Steve Jobs referred to the device as a "hobby," and its slow growth made many skeptical of its potential. However, by 2013, Apple TV had 20 million users and earned the company $1 billion in sales.

Rumors have swirled since 2011 that Apple would expand its involvement in the TV realm by introducing its own TV set capable of airing live TV in addition to streaming. With video streaming and Apple TV becoming more and more popular, it seems like a logical next step for the company. However, with this year's product launch event already behind the company, those hoping for any new developments in this area will just have to wait.

"I don't want to get in to what we're doing in the future, but we've taken steps with Apple TV," Cook told Rose in response to his inquiry about why the company doesn't change TV if the CEO sees it as old-fashioned. "But this is an area that we continue to look at."

The second half of Cook's interview with Rose will air Monday, Sept. 15.

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