Apple and SAP have announced a partnership aimed at building enterprise apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Both groups believe that the partnership will transform the mobile work experience for enterprise customers from various fields. The partnership will bring together Apple's native apps for iDevices with the capabilities of SAP's HANA platform.

The joint venture is also expected to deliver a new software development kit (SDK) for iOS and training academy that will allow customers, partners and developers to easily build apps for iOS, which are tailored to individual business needs.

SAP is the leader in enterprise applications and more than 75 percent of all business transactions involve SAP system.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the latest partnership will change the way iPads and iPhones are used for enterprise work.

"By combining the powerful capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP S/4HANA, together with iOS, the leading and most secure mobile platform for enterprise, we will help deliver live data to people wherever and whenever they choose to work," said Bill McDermott, chief executive of SAP.

In the past, Cook highlighted Apple's push in the enterprise business. In September 2015, the company's enterprise business generated $25 billion in revenue in the year ending June 2015.

Cook also said that the company wants to continue the growth in the enterprise business.

"When you look at the penetration of mobile in enterprise, it's shocking how low it is, and then when you look at what people are doing with it, it's shocking how many people haven't gone beyond emails and browsing and these kinds of things," said Cook.

The 9.7-inch iPad has been in use in the enterprise business for quite some time.

Apple also launched the bigger 12.9-inch iPad Pro in November 2015, which can be extensively used to dominate enterprise businesses in the near term.

Apple already has a partnership with IBM and together they have created a number of apps for business travelers, service professionals, and government inspectors. The partnership between Apple and IBM has resulted in the development of about 100 enterprise apps used across 14 industries.

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