It's impossible to go a full day without opening up Snapchat at least once. While we love to see what our friends are up to and follow the fabulous lives of our favorite celebrities, we all know that the best feature on the app is its filters.

Of course, some filters are better than others. Remember when we couldn't get enough of the puking rainbow? Yeah, that's still on our list of fun ones, but there have been some others that have become much more popular.

For example, it seems that every single Snapchat user can't stop taking videos of themselves with the dog filter. Sure, we may look like idiots to the outside world when constantly sticking out our tongues, but to our Snapchat friends, we couldn't be more adorable.

Then, there's the Coachella flower crown filter that has the perfect lighting for the most gorgeous selfies. We know this is a top-used one among the ladies.

However, new filters are added all throughout the week, meaning your latest favorite one may get the boot (R.I.P. goddess crown filter). Since we don't want you to miss out on any of the latest and greatest filters (like the Cinco de Mayo taco filter), we are highlighting the lenses just added that will become your latest obsession.

Here are the best new Snapchat filters of the week.

The Alien Face

There is nothing cooler than transforming yourself into an alien. We don't know for sure if this is what Snapchat had in mind with this one, but tap on this filter that has the cute eyes with eyelashes to be able to look like you came another planet. The filter makes your eyes super-sized, and they change colors to red, purple and baby blue. The user's cheeks will get puffier, and the lower half of their face smaller. Hold the phone out a ways to really get the full effect.

Show Your Wild Side

This week, Snapchat is letting us be two different animals, a koala and wolf (or husky dog?), so that we can embrace our wild side. The koala filter adds the animal's eyes and nose to the user's face, and asks for them to raise their eyebrows. Koala paws will then slap against the screen and slide down.

Snapchat users can also become a wolf/dog by tapping on the gray icon with the puppy face. Automatically, the user wears the face of the animal, although there are no other cool effects with this one.

Celebrate The Kentucky Derby

It's time to celebrate the most exciting two minutes in sports with an appropriate filter. The Kentucky Derby filter adds an over-the-top pink hat so that users can spend race day on Saturday in style. The user can tilt their head around a bit to find the perfect angle for this Snap.

No More Nose

This filter is probably the silliest of the new ones with which to mess around. Once you tap on the smiley face icon with the open pink mouth, the filter will blur out the user's nose. Perfect for recording a video when lip-syncing to The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face," this filter is strange as it gets.

Don't forget that users can also now face-swap with photos in their camera rolls. Make sure the app is updated and tap on the last icon. Select the face from your photos, and voilà!

Photo: Margaux-Marguerite Duquesnoy | Flickr

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