Apple's 2016 will be a year brimming with new products and services, and one of them is bundled with the iOS 10 operating system.

A rumor from inside the company hints that the latest mobile OS from Apple will pack a HomeKit app, which will make available smart home controls from all third-party applications or Siri, in a centralized way.

The news comes via an Apple employee who posted a comprehensive review of the release on Amazon.

Apple has already copyrighted a HomeKit app icon, and it was planning to roll it out in iOS 9. However, the OEM decided to take some more time with the integrated app and waiting could be coming to an end with September's new OS.

The Apple employee notes that he is part of the marketing team, which did test an extensive number of Smart Home devices. One main focus of the trials is to make sure the iOS HomeKit integration works flawlessly.

He goes on to add that there are already a number of third-party applications that are able to control Smart Home devices. Some come free of charge, such as Yonomi, while some, such as Home, cost $14.99. The two apps get regular updates, as support for more and more smart devices gets added. As a side note, Amazon's Echo voice assistant is supported on the two apps.

"The next version of iOS due this fall will have a standalone HomeKit app as well," says the source.

According to MacRumors, the identity of the reviewer matches a LinkedIn profile that belongs to one of Apple's employees. This could mean that the release is certain, but keep in mind that the company modified its schedule before.

The current HomeKit platform from Apple offers a unique standard that matches smart gadgets with iPads and iPhones, but users still have to use dedicated apps for each device. The advantage of having a simplified HomeKit app should allow for less fuss when calibrating smart home items.

In mid-June, Apple will showcase the iOS 10 at the WWDC 2016. After the event, the OS will get to public testers and developers who registered in the testing program.

The latest iOS will go live to its users sometime during the fall.

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