Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to unveil its Surface Book 2 soon, rocking a high-resolution 4K display and a USB Type-C port.

With hybrid devices increasingly gaining ground, Microsoft banked big on the trend with its powerful Surface Book 2-in-1. Marketed as the "ultimate laptop," the Surface Book made its debut back in the first week of October 2015, boasting top-notch specifications and a price to match.

Early reviews praised the device and pegged it as a real threat to Apple's MacBook Air. The Surface Book had a strong start, and preorders sold out in no time, with all models and configurations out of stock on the Microsoft Store by mid-October 2015.

It now seems that Microsoft is preparing to launch a Surface Book successor with even more impressive specifications. TheNextRex reports that the upcoming Surface Book 2 will feature a 4K display, a USB Type-C port and "lots of powerful internals."

Considering that the existing Surface Book already has a 2,000 x 3,000 resolution, it does sound plausible for its successor to kick things up a notch and spike that resolution up to 4K. The USB Type-C connector makes sense as well, especially since more top-notch gadgets are now boasting USB-C ports.

The Surface Book 2 will reportedly make its debut soon, if the latest information proves to be accurate.

The Vine Report claims that Microsoft is looking to introduce its new Surface Book 2 as soon as next month, which would be a perfect time to rival Apple and its upcoming MacBook offering. Apple is expected to unveil its 2016 MacBook Pro at its WWDC event in June, and a Surface Book 2 debuting the same month would further heat up the competition.

On the other hand, rumors also indicate that Microsoft might delay the launch of its Surface Book 2 because it's still waiting for Intel's seventh-generation i5 and i7 chips, dubbed Kaby Lake, which will be based on a 14-nanomenter process. In that case, it could be a while before the Surface Book 2 hits commercial availability.

It remains to be seen which of these rumors and reports will hold true, as Microsoft has yet to offer any details on the matter. As always in such cases, make sure to take everything with a grain of salt.

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