At the Microsoft Windows 10 devices event this morning, the company introduced the first-ever laptop built exclusively by Microsoft: the Microsoft Surface Book, the next installment in its Surface line.

At the presentation, Microsoft specifically asked how it could reinvent the utility — and even the basic idea — of the average laptop with the question, "what if we could do for laptops what we did for tablets?"

Weighing only 1.6 pounds and already touted as the lightest PC ever created (also the most powerful to boot), part of its response to the self-posed question seems due to weight and portability (again, it weighs only 1.6 pounds), combining a sleek ultrathin look with a 13.5-inch size. The Microsoft laptop also comes with a dynamic fulcrum hinge, affording flexibility for a "full clipboard experience."

Microsoft also boasted the "perfect typing experience of a laptop" regarding the Surface Book, with back-lit keys and "best-in-class key stroke" for a quiet, smooth and comfortable typing experience. The Surface Book also has a precision-optimized trackpad with five points of touch made entirely out of glass. The screen is also a wonder, coming at the user with around six million pixels, a 135-inch PixelSense and a 267 ppi screen.

As for the inner hardware? The Microsoft Surface Book comes with a 6th Generation Intel Core processor as well as a Core i7 CP, Nvidia GeForce GPU and a high-speed GDDRS memory. Microsoft has also deemed it the the fastest 13-inch laptop ever made, containing two more extra processors than the MacBook Pro, making it faster than Apple's flagship laptop. 

With 12 more hours of battery life, the Surface Book is priced at $1,499 and will be available for preorder on Oct. 7 and for purchase on Oct. 26th. 

Learn more about the Microsoft Surface Book in the video below.


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