Time and time again, From Software has proven just how talented its artists are.

Whether it's the environments, the characters, or the horrifying monsters, it seems like every game the studio touches is an artistic masterpiece. Even when From Software tries something completely new - such as the pseudo-Victorian setting of Bloodborne - they absolutely knock it out of the park.

That being said, From Software hasn't always been as strong on the technical side of things. Things are definitely better than they once were, but longtime fans will remember when fan-made fixes were the only way to play the first Dark Souls smoothly. Since then, From Software's proprietary engine has gotten a lot stronger - just take a look at Dark Souls III and Bloodborne.

However, while Dark Souls III is currently pushing PC gamers' machines to their limits, Bloodborne is part of a deal between Sony and From Software - meaning that gamers will likely never get a chance to see what From Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive looks on more powerful rigs.

Thankfully, fans can at least catch a glimpse of what might have been: YouTuber Simon Barle just released his take on Bloodborne's hub world, powered by the gorgeous Unreal Engine 4:

Casual fans may not notice much at first. In a way, it's a testament to how good From Software is at designing worlds: be it the gravestones, the foggy night sky or the shadowy exterior of the house, the Hunter's Dream is just as unnerving and strangely peaceful as it ever was.

The changes only really start to make an impact when you take a closer look (and bump up the video quality). The power of the Unreal Engine 4's lighting effects make a noticeable difference: the harsh shadows on the cobblestone pathways make the textures pop, and the dim glow of the lantern gently illuminates where the Plain Doll would be resting. Again, these are subtle touches, but it's easy to see how such small changes would add up over the course of a 30-hour playthrough.

Finally, there's the boosted frame rate: Bloodborne ran relatively smoothly on Sony's latest console, but it'll be hard to go back to 30 fps after seeing the Unreal Engine 4 version running so smoothly.

Of course, the Hunter's Dream build is just one of many reimagined games getting a visual boost thanks to the upgraded engine - for more fan-made builds, make sure to check out our Unreal Engine 4 hub.

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