As if fulfilling prophecy, Microsoft has sent out invites for a press event on Sept. 30 in San Francisco, giving credence to rumors that it is set to unveil its new operating system.

The company is widely expected to announce the newest installment of its Windows OS. The software, code named Threshold, is said to be renamed as Windows 9 by the time it is formally launched. 

Microsoft did not reveal much information in its invite, however, it doesn't take much to predict what the company's going to announce at the event. "Join us to hear what's next for Windows and the enterprise," the company said. The company's new Windows OS has been the subject of many rumors, and the possibility that the leaks may be accurate seems more likely considering that early reports have predicted the date for the Microsoft event.

About a month ago, early reports claimed that the company was planning on putting on a "technology preview" for the upcoming operating system. It's not clear if that is what's on the agenda for the Sept. 30 event, however, it wouldn't be unprecedented if Microsoft allowed users to test a working version of the software. Even so, the OS may still end up being released in early 2015, in line with earlier leaks. 

According to previous reports, Windows 9 will come with a number of improvements such as the introduction of a new mini Start Menu and the removal of the Charms bar. The software was also rumored to come with a version of Cortana, although a later report claimed that the personal digital assistant tool may not be included in the preview version for the event. 

Two weeks before the event, more information is coming out about the OS. German website WinFuture may have gotten a hold of an early build for the software. With the report, a number of features for the operating system has leaked. Aside from Cortana, other features mentioned in the report include Wi-Fi Sense and Virtual Desktops. Wi-Fi Sense allows users to store log-in information to quickly get on a hotspot. Virtual Desktops, on the other hand, gives users the ability to display apps in full screen mode. 

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