Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Available May 13 On Steam


A PC package containing HD remasters of Final Fantasy X and X-2, its sequel, are set to go on this Friday, May 13, the Steam store has confirmed.

The HD PC ports are based on the international version of Final Fantasy X and X-2, which were previously only available in Japan. The bundle's Steam store page details everything about the game, except the price.

"Characters, monsters, and environments have been fine-tuned to HD detail, providing a richer, deeper Final Fantasy visual experience," the page states.

The bundle also includes a remastered and rearranged soundtrack of the game's background music, along with content from the international editions of the games.

The remasters also includes an auto save feature and five boosters, including Safe Travel and High Speed Mode. As seen in the remake of Final Fantasy IX, Safe Travel, or "no encounters mode," disables random battles.

Despite being prettied up and reworked, most gamers should have no trouble running the games. All that's needed to hit the recommended specs are a couple gigs of RAM, a quad-core processor, a Geforce GTX 450 and Windows Vista or later.

While the tactical role-playing game won't require much horsepower, it has a big appetite for hard drive space. The games call for at least 37 GB of free space, but recommends 40 GB.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 will support Steam Cloud saves, achievements and trading cards. And it'll offer partial support for gamepads.

The release of the X/X-2 bundles comes just a month after developer and publisher Square Enix launched an HD remaster of Final Fantasy IX for PC. That game is priced at $20, after initially being offered with a 20 percent discount that brought it down to $16.

It might start to feel difficult keeping up with all of the HD remasters Square Enix has been cranking out, but don't expect the company to let up any time soon. Last fall, in a report to shareholders, Square Enix asserted that it plans to aggressively revitalize its "strong IPs."

"We want our longtime fans to relish reliving past experiences with a freshness that only the latest in technology can provide, while at the same time have new customers enjoy the IP as though it were brand new," Square Enix said in the report (PDF).

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