Pebble has released a new app and firmware update that will provide more health and fitness functionality to wearers of the company's Pebble Time smartwatch line, which includes the Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, and Pebble Time Round.

To install and enjoy the benefits of the update, users will simply have to update the Pebble app on their smartphones to the latest version, which is version 3.12, and use the said app to update the Pebble smartwatch to Firmware 3.12.

The announcement, as well as the full details of the update, is made through a post on the company's official blog.

The new update will bring the new Mobile Health Snapshot to the wearable devices, with the feature serving as a hub for all fitness and sleep-related information. The data is organized according to day, week and month, with the mobile graphs displayed as interactive charts in the dedicated Health section of the mobile app.

Pebble Health is also now able to automatically detect if the wearer is running or in a long walk. The user will then receive mobile graph data on the activity, along with a timeline pin and a notification, once the run or walk is finished.

Pebble Health will also now be providing users with activity prompts and insights, based on the activities and sleeping habits of the wearer.

Another new feature coming to Pebble Time watches is Smart Alarms, which will go off once the device detects that the wearer is in light sleep. The alarm will go off up to 30 minutes before the preset time, designed to wake up wearers at the right time to have them feel refreshed upon ending their sleep.

In addition to the fitness and health functions, iOS users are also now able to use the message-reply feature that has been available to Android users for several months. The feature will allow users to send replies to messages received on the paired smartphone through the Pebble Time watch, and also to answer calls with a text message, though this is only currently available for AT&T and Verizon subscribers.

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