The 2017 Ridgeline pickup from Honda got its design cues from the original version but took it a bit further with better styling and technological advances.

Honda also priced the latest model a bit more than the competition, confident that the new version has features that are much better compared with most other pickups available in the market.

The new Ridgeline pickup is slightly bigger than the previous generation model. Its wheelbase and overall length are now 3 inches longer. Even the pickup box has been made longer by 4 inches. However, its seating capacity has been retained and is still considered as one of the best in its class.

The Ridgeline also boasts a versatile rear seat for those who need more cargo space options.

"Fold the rear seats up to fit unwieldy items like a TV or bicycle. Even folded down, there's enough space underneath the seats to store bulky cargo," says Honda.

One unique feature is the Truck Bed Audio System which turns the bed into a speaker. Each bed side wall contains two weatherproof audio exciters (transducers) while the bed rear wall also has a pair inside. All in all, the system is made up of six exciters which then transmit vibrations to the bed walls, instantly turning the bed walls into resonant speakers.

The Ridgeline is powered by 3.5-liter V6 engine that comes with a 280-horsepower and 262 lb-ft torque. The two-wheel-drive model has a city driving mileage of 19 miles a gallon while highway driving is at 26 mpg and combined driving is at 22. Likewise, the all-wheel-drive configuration has 18 mpg in the city while highway and combined driving are at 25 and 21 mpg respectively.

In terms of design, Ridgeline features a unibody build as opposed to body-on-frame option which allows the pickup to save on weight and generate fewer rattles and squeaks. Moreover, it's built with independent rear suspension which allows it to exude car-like riding appeal.

The new Ridgeline model will retail at a starting price of $29,475 with additional destination charges set at $990. While it's cheaper than the previous model by $100 for the base version, it's priced higher than the Toyota Tacoma ($25,030) and the Chevrolet Colorado ($25,725).

Company spokesman Sage Marie explained that the pricing for the new Ridgeline model is attributed to its better ride, quietness, handling and safety structure compared with other pickups. The automaker expects that the latest Ridgeline version will gain a double-digit percentage of buyers in markets such as California.

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