Google I/O is one of the most anticipated events in the developer community because it's when Google reveals some of its future plans related to the company's software and hardware. This year is the same and Google I/O 2016 is expected to attract many developers when the event kicks off on May 18.

Here are some of the expectations from the upcoming Google I/O.

Standalone VR Headset

Google already has a virtual reality (VR) headset called Google Cardboard, which was revealed at Google I/O 2014 and released in June 2014. The VR head mount is basic and low-cost, and customers have to insert their smartphone to view VR content.

However, the VR headset industry has taken a big leap since 2014 and many companies such as HTC, Sony, Oculus and more have launched their products to address the growing VR demand.

Google has not revealed any plans to launch another VR headset, but rumors suggest that the company may unveil a standalone VR headset that will be significantly advanced in comparison to the Google Cardboard.

Project Tango

Project Tango involves augmented reality (AR) technology, which Google may use in a mobile device that the company could launch in June.

During the 2016 CES in January, Google and Lenovo announced a partnership for the development of the first consumer device with Project Tango.

"The new smartphone, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, turns the screen into a magic window that can overlay digital information and objects onto the real world. Lenovo, Google, and Qualcomm Technologies are working closely together to optimize the software and hardware to ensure consumers get the most out of the Project Tango platform," said Lenovo.

The devices powered by Project Tango will be able to recognize places they have been before, such as public places, offices and more. The motion-tracking ability of Project Tango also works indoors, allowing users to navigate accurately in indoor environments such as a shopping mall.

Speculations are rife that Google will reveal more information on Project Tango at Google I/O 2016.

Self-Driving Cars

Google has been working on self-driving vehicles for several years. Rumors suggest that the company will show its self-driving cars to the public for the first time at Google I/O.

Android N

Android N is the code name for Google's next mobile operating system. The mobile device industry has a big interest in the next-generation Android operating system and it is highly likely that Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, and other top executives will give a glimpse of some features of the OS at the Google I/O event.

Google has given food-related names to its Android operating systems in the past and rumors suggest that the impending Android N will be Android Nutella.

Some of the rumored features of Android N are quick reply notifications, multi-window support, notification bundling, fresh tools to manage data, pressure-sensitive display like the one found on the iPhone 6s and more.

Chrome OS And Android Merger

Rumors have been floating that Google may merge Android and Chrome OS together. A previous Tech Times report says that Google is working to get Android apps to work on Chrome OS, a move that hints at the merger of the two Google operating systems.

Chrome OS users will welcome the move as they will have access to millions of apps from the Google Play Store. However, in 2015, the company also said that Android and Chrome OS will remain two standalone operating systems.

It is likely that Google will talk about the likely merger or the use of Android apps on Chrome OS at the upcoming event.

Project Aura

Google Glass was meant to revolutionize the tech industry, but the excitement around the wearable was short-lived. Project Aura is said to be the successor of Google Glass.

Google still has big plans for the wearable technology and rumors suggest that the project is aimed at business use rather than consumer use. The next-generation Google Glass is said to be developed for the health care and manufacturing industries.

Rumors suggest that Google will take some time at Google I/O to talk about the company's efforts in the wearable industry.

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