Seattle-based Mission Cables, the tech accessories developer, announced on May 12 that has launched a new product for the Amazon Echo. The Battery Base, as it's been named, is designed to provide the portable device with up to six hours of audio playback.

The product is powered by the Amazon Echo adapter, and the Echo can work continuously during transitions between the power adapter and Battery Base.

"Battery Base opens up a whole new set of use scenarios for Echo," said Brian Wengreen, president of Mission Cables. "Whether it is using Echo in the garage or garden, at the pool or on the patio, we think Echo enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to untether Echo from the wall and take it anywhere."

The Battery Base is being sold for $49.99 on Amazon. It's composed of a no-slip material on the bottom to provide stability to the Echo. The device itself includes Texas Instruments' advanced high-efficiency battery-management system, as well as a microprocessor. At less than a pound, it's easy enough to carry around along with the Echo.

Additionally, the Battery Base has LED indicators for low battery and charging statuses. It can work anywhere within range of a Wi-Fi router or a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

The Amazon Echo, which retails for $179.99, works like an out-of-the-box Siri (to be clear, it responds to Alexa). Users can control the device with their voice and ask questions to cue apps and IoT gadgets around their home. Everything from Pandora stations to light fixtures can be controlled with Echo, as long as they are connected.

Echo's Alexa app can be downloaded on devices running Fire OS, Android and iOS for further control. The product itself can be automatically connected to the Wi-Fi in a home for use.

The Battery Case is just one of the power options available on the market for the Echo. Battery Boot, for example, is another portable battery alternative for Echo owners. It comes in three versions ($69.99 to $99.99) with up to 14 hours of power.

Echo, which was launched in 2014, is the fourth-best seller in electronics, according to Amazon. The company's Fire TV Stick and Fire Tablet take first and second place, respectively.

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