WhatsApp users no longer need to be on their phones in order to chat with their friends. The desktop app for the popular messaging app launched on May 10, allowing users to send and receive messages on their PC or Mac.

And now that the standalone app for the desktop is getting a feature that recently became available on the mobile version: file sharing.

Launched on May 13, the document sharing feature also lets users send files to their contacts just like on the mobile app. To do so, you have to first download the standalone app for Windows or Mac. Once the app is downloaded, you will be asked to scan a QR code provided on the desktop version to be captured using the mobile app. This means you need to have a pre-existing account in order for your contacts and messages to sync.

You must then tap on the paper clip icon on the top right corner to bring up a drop-down menu. Here you will see the ability to share a photo or video, take a photo and lastly, share a document. Click on "Document," which will then open a window where you can select the file you want to upload. Files that can be shared include Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and even PDFs.

Adding this feature will allow WhatsApp to further compete with other standalone message apps like Slack that are available for desktops.

Enhancing work communications, users will now be able to share those important work files for the big meeting. But let's not forget that WhatsApp for the desktop also makes it a whole lot easier to communicate with our friends while we are on the clock.

The Facebook-owned company previously allowed users to access the messaging app on their desktops, but via a Chrome extension. The standalone app allows all users to enjoy the platform on their computers, regardless of the browser.

WhatsApp on mobile has also been getting lots of new features as of late. First the iOS, then the Android version got formatting features so that users can now write text in boldface and italics in their messages. The app is also reportedly working on adding QR code and NFC Tags for group invites, as well as a video calling feature.

Photo: Johannes Marliem | Flickr

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