It seems like the only thing we could talk about this week was our disappointment with Instagram's new redesign. While there are many reasons why Snapchat continues to be our favorite platform over Insta, one of them is because we can also rely on getting brand new filters to get goofy with every few days.

We cannot get enough of the filters that have been launched on Snapchat this week. It seemed like every day just kept getting better, starting with the hilarious baby to use in celebration of Mother's Day, which is still available to our delight, and then, with the Deadpool filter that allowed us to become the Merc with a Mouth. Sadly, this was only to promote the Blu-ray release of the superhero movie and is no longer available to use.

It can be hard to keep up with all the new options available, especially since some only last a day or two. At least this makes room for new ones to constantly be added to the platform. Just in case you were wondering which are the best ones that were introduced this week, we made sure to monitor the photo and video-messaging app to uncover the latest and greatest.

Without further ado, here are the new Snapchat filters of the week that you must use before they leave.

Crazy Cat Lady

The best Snapchat filter of the week is the one that allows users to channel their inner crazy cat lady that lives inside of us all. Regardless if we have a cat or even like cats, this filter screams a good time. It doesn't even matter if the user is male. Trust us, it's just that awesome. At first, the user gets transformed into a lady who is doing a beauty regimen; we are talking full-on facial mask and curlers. Snapchat asks the user to raise their eyebrows behind their big, pink cat eyeglasses, and a few felines pop up on the screen. They all have their own personalities, as seen through their expression. This filter is just too purrfect.

Animal Of The Week

Speaking of animals, it seems that Snapchat can't stop releasing filters to let us embrace our wild side. This week, we got to be an adorable pig that gave us Lord of the Flies vibes. The filter transformed the user's face to have chubby cheeks, a pink snout and piglet ears. It even changed the user's eyes to a shade of blue that we wish we had in real life. It also featured bright-colored leaves that fell down like flowers. Unfortunately, this filter was replaced on Friday with a zebra face.

Gothic Makeup

Words can't express how much we love the makeup filters — even the ones that leave colors dripping down our faces. Instead of sporting a fresh face this weekend, be a little moody today and share some snaps with the gothic makeup look. The filter gives the user the best eyeliner job possible, and to enhance the effect, it blurs out the eyes a bit so that they are almost completely white. Along with the vampire-like eyes are black lips that give the user a plump pout. Strike your most serious pose and share away.

Beach Vibes

All we really want to do is have our toes in the sand and a frozen margarita in our hands as we soak in the sun. Unfortunately for us in New York City, it has been nothing but dark skies and continuous rain today. However, we can still pretend we are in Hawaii with the new filter that brings some island life to our lives. The filter puts a pink flower in the user's hair, with palm tree leaves fanning out overhead. The filter also gives us a glow that is as warm as the sun.

Masquerade Madness

It's the weekend, so it's officially time to get our party on. What better way to do that than by putting on our best face and heading out to the ball? OK, not in real life, but we are just saying this filter's face would go great with any party outfit. Users can transform into a jester who is ready to attend a masquerade. The mask gives the user black cat eyeliner, but it's all about the white and gold regal look. We are now so ready for the weekend.

Don't forget that there are also other filters still available this week, like the reoccurring Mona Lisa one, and the ones that get rid of the user's nose and changes facial shapes.

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