The folks behind Frinkiac just beefed up the Simpsons search engine, allowing fans of the show to not only create memes but GIFs of their favorite scenes as well.

As a little refresher, it holds 15 seasons' worth of screenshots, and according to the three-person team that concocted this wonderful timewaster, that amounts to more than 3 million stills. Thanks to the tool, users everywhere can search up a quote and pick out the scene they want. After that, they now have the perfect customized Simpsons meme to share with friends and family.

Now that the GIF feature is live, everyone can now flood the Internet with more Simpsons stuff — as if there weren't enough going around already. To use it, just go through the same steps as making a meme, but instead of hitting the Make Meme button, hit the Make GIF one.

It should also be mentioned that there's an Add Meme button to let users put in a caption for the GIF, and whether it'll have the original lines or not is up to them. As for where it's located, it's hard to miss, as it's sitting above Build, the button that'll finalize the animated picture.

Meanwhile, the GIF tool is still in beta, but as everyone can see, it works like a charm.

Just like the meme maker, there are options to share the GIFs straight on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. Needless to say, they're designed to let users spread more Simpsons goodies a lot more efficiently.

At the time of this writing, it takes a while to craft a GIF, and it's likely because a ton of other users are also cooking up some of their own.

So what's anyone waiting for? Hit up Frinkiac now and get started with the Simpsons GIFs.

Photo: Roy Patrick Tan | Flickr

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