At Microsoft's Build conference, the company announced a free update to Windows 10 to be released this summer.

The Windows Anniversary Update, as it's being called, will come with features including facial recognition security options and an improved Cortana. However, reports began circulating last week that it will also deliver twice the amount of promoted ads and apps that show up in the Start Menu.

In a slideshow organized by Microsoft Principal Program Manager Jessie Labayen, it appears that MS static apps will decrease from 17 to 12. Promoted apps will increase from five to 10, and select Windows Inbox Apps will be distributed via Promoted Apps. Supposedly, the goal is to "reduce OEM image complexity and creation," as well as maintenance and deployment time. Users will be "in control" and have the ability to remove what they want to save disk space.

These apps and ads are being installed to "introduce users and expose them to the Windows store," according to the slideshow. Microsoft also wants users to "discover and engage with high quality and locally relevant apps." 

It's worth noting that, much of what is listed on the slides are "TBD," and the Anniversary Update is likely still evolving ahead of its launch. Neowin specifies that what comes to fruition from the slideshow will only apply to fresh installs of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

This isn't the first time that Microsoft has made a splash with promoted apps. Back in May 2015, the company announced that it would automatically install Candy Crush Saga to users' computers upon downloading Windows 10. 

Earlier this year, Microsoft showed that it was working hard to help app developers gain more revenue. During Build, Satya Nadella and Terry Myerson revealed a new Microsoft Store Engagement and Monetization software development kit for developers. It included Microsoft's existing advertising SDK, as well as new services.

Microsoft has also launched an affiliate program, which now comes with four developer tools: a link builder, an enterprise data feed, a top content data feed and a group of pre-generated banners. The goal is to help developers hone in on areas where they could improve their apps and marketing to generate more revenue.

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