The Shipping App Roadie Will Pay Drivers To Deliver Users' Packages To Destinations On Their Way


There are ride-sharing apps that are available that include features like the ability to split the bill with another passenger who is going in the same direction as them. However, if you aren't a Lyft driver, you can still make a few bucks when using this app that applies a similar business model but replaces people with packages.

Roadie is an app that pays drivers to drop off other users' items to destinations that are on their way. Think of it as the Uber or Lyft of shipping apps, or "carpooling for cargo."

Roadie matches users with people who happen to be driving in the same direction they want to send an item. It doesn't matter if the item is being shipped to the next neighborhood or a few states away.

Users can either post or accept available "gigs," which is what Roadie calls a delivery or shipment.

Sure, you could use UPS, but the item you are looking to ship might be too big or too expensive for you to send. Packages are insured up to $500, so users don't have to worry about the driver riding off into the sunset with the prized possession with which they wanted their family member in the next state over to be gifted. Users can also purchase extra insurance of up to $10,000.

Users start by getting an estimate for the item they want shipped. To do so the user can tap on the plus sign in the app and select "Get an Estimate." Choose how big the gig is, whether it's just a small box, something huge like a couch or even a pet, and then, enter in the start and finish destinations. Roadie will then provide an estimate of how much it will cost based on other gigs like it, along with how long it usually takes for a driver to deliver to this location.

The user can then create the gig, which requires a picture of the item, the name of the gig, the exact pickup location, who will meet the driver at this location, the exact delivery location and when they need this package delivered by.

The user then gets to pick their driver, and is able to track the delivery in the app.

On the other side of this, drivers can check to see if there is something that needs to be dropped off by taping on "Available Gigs." A map is displayed that includes circle icons to identify packages. Tap on the circle to see what the item is, how much the user will pay you, where you need to drop it off (including how many miles you need to travel) and when they need it delivered by. Tap on "Offer to Drive" to take this gig, or leave a comment if you have any questions about the post.

Roadie had about 20,000 drivers in its first year, and drivers are rated and reviewed to ensure that they are reliable. Items are photographed along the way as evidence that they are in the same shape the user left them.

This shipping app is available to download for free for iOS and Android.

Source: Tech Crunch

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