You've done it. Thousands of demons lie dead at your feet, and you wield an arsenal unlike any other before it.

You've survived the trip to Hell and back numerous times, and somehow kept the invasion of Mars and the UAC research station under control. There's only one last fight standing between you and victory.

Olivia Pierce may have appeared to be the main villain of Id Software's latest Doom, but the Spider Mastermind is the game's true antagonist. Not only that, but he reprises his role as the final boss of Doom's single-player story — just like in the original game from 1993.

The Spider Mastermind won't go down so easily this time, however: back in '93, the Mastermind was basically stationary, and there was plenty of cover to hide behind. In 2016, the Mastermind isn't simply stronger or faster, but can use the environment itself against the Marine — needless to say, you're in for a fight.

Even making sense of the Spider Mastermind's different attacks can be a pain — there's so much going on at once that it can be hard to take in. Don't worry: if you're having trouble getting past the game's final boss, our Doom video guide should help you through it:

The Spider Mastermind has a number of different attacks, but there are only a few that you'll really need to worry about. Firstly, the Mastermind's laser attack looks similar to the Cyberdemon's energy blast, but there's a twist — instead of simply standing underneath the higher beam, you'll need to duck underneath it. Given how quickly the fight moves, it can seem like the boss is hitting you for no reason — make sure to duck under the second beam, and you should be fine.

After the boss reaches 50 percent health, he'll start electrifying the floor. As soon as you see the purple glowing mist start to form, double-jump up onto one of the pillars. You can attack him from here, but be careful: as the fight goes on, the Mastermind will electrify the floor, then send spikes up through the pillars to damage you. Jumping down off the pillars is enough to avoid the spikes (simply jump as soon as the mist dissipates), but again, they can be hard to make out when there's so much else on-screen at once.

Finally, you'll have to aim for that big, squishy head of his. That might sound simple, but it can be surprisingly difficult to get past his legs. If you stay directly in front of him, you should have a shot at him — just watch out for any counterattacks.

Once the Spider Mastermind falls, you'll be on your way to the end cutscene — but if you're having trouble with one of the game's other bosses, you can check out our guides for the Cyberdemon and Hell Guards. For even more on Doom, make sure to check out our in-depth coverage hub!

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