Dating can feel like an endless endeavor, but one app is out to make sure you aren't wasting your time when you could be finding "the one." StayGo is a free app for iOS and Android that uses science to gauge your compatibility with your partner (or partners).

It was developed by a group of psychology professors and relationship experts, including Benjamin Le, Liz Schoenfeld and Timothy Loving. According to the StayGo site, it takes "an entertaining approach for evaluating anyone's relationships" through the use of science and social networking.

What exactly does that mean?

Upon downloading the app, users are asked to sign up with an email or Facebook account. From there, they can begin submitting some standard information — location, interest (males, females or both) and age. Afterward, users are asked to input information about any partners they have, including friends that they may want to track. They can also specify their type of sleeping arrangement with the individual, the number of times they've said, "I love you" and so forth.

The science comes into play when users are asked a few questions to calculate their "SG Score." Some of these questions include, "How happy are you with your partner?" and "How satisfied are you with your relationship?" In the end, users are presented with a number (out of 100, 100 being the best) that represents their SG Score and overall compatibility. The research is backed by a number of scientific references and studies, as specified on the StayGo website.

The ultimate goal is to help you learn whether your relationship is on the outs or could simply use some tweaking. For even more insight, the app has a feature called "SG Tracker," which allows you to see your most recent scores, charted in a neat little chronological line graph.

Of course, it wouldn't be an app worthy of smartphones in 2016 without a little social networking. StayGo has a feature called "SG Peeps," which allows users to gather anonymous input on their relationships from friends who also use the app.

As the App Store app description reads, StayGo's creators want you to "Stop wasting time. Make smart decisions about whether to commit or quit. Find out faster."

Given the tools provided in the app, it just may do the trick for serial daters.

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