Video Game 'Maize' Features Sentient Corn: Watch The First Trailer Now


In the video game Maize, two scientists misread a government memo and end up creating sentient corn.

Yes, you read that correctly: sentient corn that thinks, feels and talks. That officially makes this video game even weirder than Goat Simulator and Angry Birds. Finish Line Games created the title, which it describes as "corny," along with a lot of other corn-related puns.

"Channeling elements of Monty Python and the funnier episodes of The X-Files, Maize is an absurdist, first-person adventure with a cornucopia of highbrow puzzles to solve, talking oddities to meet, and mysteries to be harvested, coming later this fall to PC," writes Finish Line Games in an email press release. "Explore the desolate farm for clues to the past, venture deeper into the underground research facility, and make a few ... colorful friends along the way, including a grumpy Russian knock-off of the most technologically advanced toy ever created: Teddy Ruxpin."

Here's the first trailer for Maize:

It's likely you now no longer want to ever eat corn again.

In case sentient corn isn't bizarre enough for you, Maize also features a surly knock-off Teddy Ruxpin, too. For those who are too young to remember the creepy talking teddy bear Teddy Ruxpin, here's a video for you as well:

Yeah, because that's not terrifying at all.

To understand the minds behind Maize and its developer, here is the studio's official bio:

"Caution is advised when approaching members of Finish Line Games' team before 9 a.m. ET, unless it is with coffee. People should consult with a doctor, lawyer, spiritual advisor, chiropractor, and the nice old lady who lives on the corner but has too many cats before consuming any Finish Line Games products (FDA approval pending)."

Needless to say, it's likely that Maize isn't just weird, but also pretty funny (and its official website confirms that humor will play a large part of the game's story).

Maize will release fall 2016 for PC on Steam. Keep an eye out for more details by following Finish Line Games on Twitter @FinishLineGames.

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