About two days after its launch, Doom and its Ultra Nightmare mode have been conquered. Having suffered no deaths during the playthrough, the conqueror lives to tell the tale and post video evidence of the feat to YouTube.

As its name suggests, Ultra Nightmare mode is the hardest difficulty setting for the recently launched Doom reboot. It's a step up from the game's Nightmare mode, employing permadeath to further augment the already elevated gameplay difficulty.

YouTuber Zero Master recorded a flawless playthrough of Ultra Nightmare mode in four hours and 47 seconds. Some parts of the nearly five-hour run aren't entertaining, but the playthrough and video recording "get the job done," he stated.

"Making a run this long was completely new for me, my longest single segment run was just under 45 minutes with my old Final Doom: TNT Evilution record. So almost 4 hours and 45 minutes was exhausting," says Zero Master.

This wasn't Zero Master's first attempt to survive Ultra Nightmare mode without dying. The day before the successful run, the YouTuber died at the hands of the final boss at about four and a half hours in. But before he died, Zero Master said he has not practiced the final boss, so he doesn't really consider it a failure.

"Had some moments where I should have died late in this run too, but sometimes you get lucky!" he adds.

Doom (2016) launched on May 13 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Ahead of the first-person shooter's launch, the game's executive producer and creative director told IGN that none of the game's developers at id Software had managed to beat the game on Ultra Nightmare mode.

The office-wide quest to beat the game on its hardest difficulty apparently sparked a bit of competition among the staff. If the staff is still trying to beat the game mode, well the public has started uploading tutorials on how to do that.

Grab some snacks and a onesie. Here's the epic playthrough in full:

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