Google Gives A Glimpse Of YouTube VR For Daydream: Here's What To Expect


Google showcases what the YouTube VR has in store for enthusiasts who are looking for a whole new experience on the platform.

The name is pretty straightforward — it's the YouTube app that's built for VR. That means users can wear a head-mounted display and view the massive collection filled with standard and 360-degree content that the video streaming website has to offer.

What's more, the list of VR videos will keep on growing at a more or less fast pace, as the company is working with a lot of creators to push out content that can make the most out of the technology.

"We're already collaborating with the NBA, BuzzFeed and Tastemade to explore new ways of storytelling in virtual environments that will provide valuable lessons about the way creators and viewers interact with VR video," Google says.

On top of that, Google is also cooperating with camera manufacturers to make Jump-enabled devices that can capture VR videos more accessible to creators everywhere. One notable example of that is the GoPro Odyssey, a rig that consists of 16 synchronized Hero4 Black cameras.

Now, YouTube VR is expected to roll out along with Daydream in the fall. Compatibility-wise, it's unclear whether the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or any other players in the VR game will have support for it. Needless to say, it's going to work with select Android devices that support the Google VR platform, and it's going to be an exclusive on it at first.

As for the app itself, it's believed to come with a couple of handy features, including voice search, discovery and playlists, offering the "world's largest collection of VR videos in a whole new way." Judging from the screenshot that Google provided, it looks like navigation could rely mainly on voice search.

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