Things didn't go well for one guy in Perth, Australia, after he became the first person in Australia to get his hands on an iPhone 6, and most likely the first person to drop one. From all indications, it appears as if the young man was nervous, which could be the main reason for the device to slip to the ground.

We will not lie; the whole situation was funny, especially when the crowd reacted. Poor guy, who goes by the name Jack Cooksey, was likely under a lot of pressure since he was unboxing his iPhone 6 on live television and in front of a large crowd. The nerves kicked in, and he totally lost control and dropped the beauty in his hands.

From the way he reacted to the incident; it would appear as if his iPhone 6 suffered little or no damage. We have to wonder, though, if his iPhone 6 had actually smashed into pieces on the pavement, would the Perth news team make sure the young man got a new device? After all, it was the news team who placed him under such pressure.

"As soon as I knew I'd dropped it I thought someone was going to make a meme or something out of this but I didn't expect it to go as big as it's gone. I mean, it's in the U.K. now," according to Cooksey.

Let this be a warning to folks clamoring to get themselves a new iPhone or iPhone 6 Plus device. Control your excitement when unboxing the device for the first time. Don't unbox it over a concrete pavement; preferably do this over your bed or anything soft and cushy.

Don't unbox the device on live TV unless you're certain that self-control is a strong point. And by the love of Odin, please take great care and patience when unboxing a new iPhone 6. This guy was shaking the box as if inside it lies an unbreakable smartphone.

He will no doubt learn from this little squabble. Chances are; he might even go to great distances to stay away from TV reporters in the future.

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