Covering 8,000 miles as the carbon-spewing private jet flew, Leonardo DiCaprio took two private flights to pick up an environmental award and return to Cannes. While there have been some concerning reports coming out of Cannes about the actor, this incident might not be as bad as it sounds.

DiCaprio was at the Cannes Film Festival last week, but he left for a while to accept the Big Fish award from Riverkeeper. The organization describes itself as an environmental "neighborhood watch program" that sets out to protect New York's rivers.

During his big night a few months ago, when he was finally awarded an Oscar for Best Actor, DiCaprio proclaimed that climate change isn't a hoax and called Earth's most urgent threat. Also this year, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation pledged $15 million to support grants for protecting rain forests.

"Our planet cannot be saved unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground, where they belong," he said as he spoke on behalf of his foundation at the World Economic Forum. "Look at the delegates around you. It is time to ask each other what side of history will you be on."

While DiCaprio has supported environmental causes, the actor's penchant for traveling via private jets shows why the world's consumption of fossil fuel keeps increasing, according to Robert Rapier, an environmental analyst.

"It's because everyone loves the combination of cost and convenience they offer," Rapier said. "Alternatives usually require sacrifice of one form or another. Everybody says, 'I've got a good reason for consuming what I consume.' It's the exact same rationalization for billions of people."

Rapier may be critical of DiCaprio's frequent use of private jets outright, but an individual close to the actor has explained that this latest trip, to and from Cannes, isn't as bad as it sounds. DiCaprio "hitched" rides on private jets that were going his way, according to the source.

While he isn't new to controversy, this latest round of it may be taking its toll on the actor, going by a report from the Daily Mail. The so-called "King of Cannes," known for throwing the festival's hottest parties, has been acting like a recluse and has cancelled several of his events.

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