Bethesda's recently released Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4 is the developer's largest DLC add-on yet, which makes what one group of modders is attempting to accomplish all the more incredible.

It's called Cascadia, and to call it wildly ambitious would be an understatement. The in-development mod is to be set a decade after the events of Fallout 4 and take players to an irradiated Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas like Redmond and Bellevue.

Not many specific story details are known at this time, but the mod team promises new factions, along with plenty of new quests to complete and locations to explore. The map itself is said to be "a little smaller than Fallout 3," but will include more quests and locations than the official Far Harbor DLC.

Those are some lofty promises, and so far the team doesn't have too much work to show for it. The project kicked off six months ago shortly after the release of Fallout 4. Currently a team of 18 modders are working on the project, with plans for it to be released for free on the Nexus mods website. While there's no guarantee the mod will be available for consoles, it certainly seems like a possibility given that mod functionality will soon be arriving for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As for when the mod will release, well, you might be waiting for a while.

"Every time someone asks, we push the date back by one week," jokes the team on the Cascadia Q&A page. "Seriously though, that is something really hard to estimate. The project is made entirely of volunteers who are free to come and go. They work on it at their leisure when they have time. The expected release is several years away. Sorry, we can't be more specific at this time."

Seems like fans shouldn't expect to be playing Cascadia anytime soon, but when it does eventually arrive, here's hoping it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, players can check out all of Fallout 4's official DLC. You can read more about Far Harbor here.

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