Fallout 4, much like its predecessors, is filled to the brim with tiny little details. Even the oceans (something that most players would never bother exploring) are packed with smaller touches: hollowed-out boats, sunken corpses and even a few loot caches can be found below the surface.

With such a huge focus on swampy islands, many gamers were wondering if Fallout 4's first major expansion, Far Harbor, would feature a similar array of underwater details. As it turns out, Far Harbor doesn't just match the core game's oceans, but far exceeds them — to the point where players may actually want to take the dive and do some exploring.

Then again, if you're playing on PC, you have a few extra options that console players don't have: for instance, a gamer by the name of Lavon Smith has already explored the entirety of Far Harbor's ocean floor. That may not come as much of a surprise, as Smith has made a name for himself in the Fallout community for exploring just about everything in the game ... but this time, he had a bit of extra help.

By turning off the visual effects for water, Smith was able to see straight through to the sea floor — and you'd be surprised at just how much Bethesda has hidden at the bottom of the ocean.

It's a ridiculous amount of detail. True, a crashed plane or a dead soldier aren't exactly uncommon in Fallout 4, but remember: this is all underwater. Bethesda took the time to place these objects (including the never-before-seen whale skeleton), knowing full well that most players would never see them. If that's not dedication, we don't know what is.

Skeletons and sunken wrecks are just the tip of the iceberg, too: Bethesda included everything from a Titanic reference:

... to a pair of absolutely horrifying mannequins:

... to the most dangerous creature the Commonwealth has ever seen.

Those are just a few examples of what Smith found under the waves, and it goes to show how much work Bethesda is willing to put into its games. Most other developers would never think to hide something as amazing as a teddy bear riding a cannon in their games — but for Bethesda, that's par for the course.

Of course, there's a good chance that none of this would have ever been found, were it not for Smith. If you need any proof of just how well hidden these things are, just look at the pictures of Far Harbor's oceans with and without water:

If anyone can claim to be the true master of Fallout 4 exploration, it's definitely Smith. For everything that Smith found on the ocean floor, make sure to check out his Imgur gallery.

Hoping to take a look around the oceans of Fallout 4's first major expansion for yourself? Lucky you: the Far Harbor DLC is available now.

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