Already available to play on mobile devices, Pac-Man 256 is finally heading to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, revealed Bandai Namco on May 23.

The announcement of the new version of the Pac-Man game is made in conjunction with Pac-Man's yearly birthday.

Built by 3 Sprockets and Hipster Whale, this title is slated to be digitally available this coming June 21 on gaming consoles and on PC. Fans will get the game via Steam if they are on PC. Players can also download this title via the PlayStation Network and through the Xbox Games Store.

When it arrives, Pac-Man 256 will carry a price of €4.99 (or around $5.59). The title will be loaded with new functionalities specially built for console versions. For instance, the game will come with a local co-op multiplayer mode for up to four players. Furthermore, the new version of the game will also include 10 themes unlocked and the social sharing option.

Each of the players will collaborate to eat as many Pac-Dots and Power Pellets as possible and avoid the ghosts, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde and Inky.

It is worth mentioning that, since it is regarded as "local" co-op, players will need not connect online to play the game.

Benjamin Prénom of Bandai Namco explained the company's reason in bringing the title to consoles and PC.

"We wanted everyone to enjoy Pac-Man 256, so it was a logical decision to make it available on PS4, Xbox One and PC," said Prénom. "The brand new local multiplayer mode, exclusive to the console and PC version, makes it even more accessible: get ready for maximum fun playing up to four players at the same time!"

Pac-Man has just turned 36, according to the publisher.

For the uninitiated, Bandai Namco is the same publisher behind the well-renowned Dark Souls 3.

In April, Tech Times reported that the company announced that this game is its most successful title launch thus far. It added that sales for Dark Souls 3 during its first week were indeed strong. In fact, the title is deemed the fastest-selling game in the firm's entire history.

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