In case you were looking for another reason to grab a copy of The Force Awakens soundtrack on vinyl, here's one: 3D holograms.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Two LP Hologram Vinyl is available over at the Disney Music Emporium, retailing for $49.96. It has two discs, with disc 1 featuring a hologram of the Millennium Falcon while disc 2 gets a TIE Fighter. The vinyl set includes the movie's full soundtrack on 180-gram vinyl discs and takes advantage of Direct Metal Mastering for the best listening experience.

Disney Music also teamed up with Pro-Ject Audio Systems and Elemental turntable to showcase the advancement in holographic vinyl technology and music.

"Internally, we said, in the world of Star Wars, my goodness, we could do something fantastic. As we started brainstorming, we said, 'What would be the next step in producing a great piece of vinyl that could make a great experience for the fans?'" said Paulo DaCosta, marketing and product management director for Disney Music.

According to Tristan Duke, artist and holographer, creating the holograms is an all-analog process. Just like how music was recorded on vinyl grooves, grooves (albeit of a different kind) were also used to record light, making it possible for the holograms to appear while the record is being played.

Take note that each vinyl set was hand-etched by Duke himself and comes with a 16-page booklet filled with liner notes from The Force Awakens director, J.J. Abrams. There are 23 songs in the soundtrack.

To view the holograms, make sure you have a direct light source over the vinyl. You can also hold up your mobile device's flashlight above the disc to see the Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter spinning as the music of John Williams fills your ears.

Preorders for the vinyl set are now ongoing at Disney Music Emporium and Amazon. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Two LP Hologram Vinyl is expected to ship on June 15.

Catch a peek of the holograms in action below!

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