Take The Perfect Cat Nap With The App Purrrfect Sleep


There are a few reasons why cat owners are jealous of their feline friends — and hear us out, dog lovers, before you read this with judging eyes.

First off, our cats have magical soothing and healing abilities that make us feel like we own Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. All cat owners have probably experienced the blissful time when kitty comes to lay on us and starts doing that specific purring that comes from somewhere within their belly. The cat may even use its powers to help heal a sore muscle, swollen ankle and even an infection by laying on that spot. Not to mention, the purring can help lower stress, which then reduces our risk for a heart attack. Don't believe us on this one? Just Google the holistic healing powers of a cat.

The second reason why we are envious of the Whiskers of the world is because they get to do our favorite hobby all day: take naps.

Now, we humans can try to live the sweet life like our cats by using this new app that will help us master the art of the perfect cat nap.


Called Purrrfect Sleep, this app is all about relaxation, mediation, sleep and more sleep. It was developed by Michael Cozzolino after he noticed that his wife, who suffered from general anxiety disorder and insomnia, fell fast asleep when their cat curled up on her neck and purred.

The app is perfect to use when the user can't fall asleep at night or when looking for a way to free our minds midday. Allowing us to be stress-free, this app will help bring on a peaceful cat nap.

Don't worry if you aren't a cat person like us. Purrrfect Sleep allows users to get all the benefits of a cat's purring without having to deal with cat dander or the animal's moody behavior.

Purrrfect Sleep works by releasing a purring sound to create a soothing and calming atmosphere. Just turn up the smartphone volume, lay back and enter a happy place.

Purrrect Sleep is available to download for iOS for $1.99.

Photo: Ella Mullins | Flickr

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