This Photo Of A Couple Hugging Is The Latest Optical Illusion To Hurt Your Brain


We have to admit that we love a good optical illusion. It usually takes a few seconds and some intense staring, but eventually, we are able to clearly see whatever it is we are meant to see — unless we are talking about one like the great blue, black debate.

However, this latest optical illusion making its rounds will do more than plays tricks on your eyes; it will hurt your brain.

Redditor Blood_Reaper posted the photo that shows a couple sharing a sweet embrace on the beach. From the waist-up, it looks like any ordinary photo. Yet, as your eye looks down, it's impossible not to see the bizarre leg situation going on here.

From the looks of it, it's hard to tell exactly where his and her legs end and begin. What makes it even more confusing is the dark and light color of their clothes and skin. You would think that this would make it easy to see that her leg is here, his there, but it only complicates things more. Their legs blend in a way where our eyes can't figure it out on first glance.

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So, now, you will probably start staring hard and may even forget to blink.

After getting a migraine from trying to decode this optical illusion, you might be able to clearly see what's going on here. If not, don't get frustrated and give up. Once you are able to see it, it will all start to make sense.

The main thing here is the optical illusion is all in his shorts. The male in the photo is actually wearing black and white-colored shorts, and these shorts are the only ones visible in the image, no matter how hard your eyes make you believe differently. Whatever the female is wearing does not cover the length of his shorts, so you can only see from right above her ankles down. The rest of the length of the legs belong to the man she's hugging. What makes it worse is the shape of his shorts in the back, further clouding the reality here.

Now that you know what you are looking it, we bet you will share it with all your friends to try to stump them.

There you have it, another optical illusion mystery solved.

Source: Reddit

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