Backpack PC Could Become A Trend Amid Rising Popularity Of Virtual Reality


With virtual reality becoming increasingly popular these days, tech companies are now competing to develop new ways of making the technology easier to use for consumers. One idea floating around the market so far is a portable VR backpack that allows users to play games, watch movies and even communicate while on the go.

Rival tech companies HP and MSI have both unveiled their own concepts on how to pull off a portable VR rig.

Following the release of its latest line of Omen gaming laptops, HP gave a sneak peek into its version of a virtual reality gaming backpack. Known as the HP Omen X VR PC Pack, the rig is still in its early stages of development and it might take a while before consumers get hold of this product.

So far, the only evidence of the Omen X VR PC's existence is a teaser image that HP released, as well as a few rumors about its expected weight (about 10 pounds) and its capacity to provide a decent number of usage hours for gameplay.

Not one to be outdone, MSI also announced the creation of a portable rig known as the MSI Backpack PC. This unit will feature an Intel Core i7 processor as well as an Nvidia GTX980 graphics card.

The MSI Backpack PC appears to be nearing its development stages and is expected to make its debut at the upcoming Computex computer expo in Taipei, Taiwan next month.

Consumers would want to know more about the specifications and prices of these new devices. The systems for these VR backpacks make it seem like they are meant for consumers who are looking to buy new computers that could handle virtual reality usage.

Consumers would also be interested in finding out just how portable and easy to use these VR rigs truly are once they become available.

The introduction of novel products such as VR backpacks may not be appealing to everybody, but it sure is interesting to know that tech companies are willing to try new things to make the PC gaming industry much more fun and engaging.

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