Old-School 'Pong' Looks Even Better On A Real-World Table Than On A Screen [Video]


A team from Uruguay has successfully built a real-world table of the old-school arcade game Pong. Surprisingly, the mechanical table version looks even better than the video game.

Daniel Perdomo, along with his friends, joined forces in developing the physical version of Pong named Pong Project for two years as the device was done during their spare time. While they do not have the needed electronics, manufacturing and production design backgrounds, this did not stop them from constructing the table.

They claim that they got the idea and skills to put the project together from the Internet, particularly from Google searches, YouTube videos and forum discussions.

The mechanical version of the game comes with two rectangular paddles plus a square ball that bounces back and forth, and this also boasts a retro look and feel. The other paddle also moves by itself, simulating a single-player mode in the classic video game — how clever! On top of that, it features LEDs that track the score.

"This is a real physical version and a homage to the first videogame ever," reads the description of the YouTube video. 

Perdomo is currently searching for a hardware manufacturer that could help his team produce more tables. If this will happen, this Pong table will certainly be a good addition to your recreation room, as this will surely catch the fancy of your guests.

Those who are interested to help the team in creating more tables may reach Perdomo through email or via the group's Facebook page.

"Mind blown. Amazing work!" says a YouTube user commenting on the video Perdomo uploaded. "You guys deserve all the success in the world. Absolutely brilliant!"

In the meantime, Tech Times featured in April an interactive table tennis trainer that leverages the augmented reality technology to track the movement of the ball during a match. This creation helps gamers improve their skills.

Dubbed Table Tennis Trainer, this device was built by a student in Germany named Thomas Mayer.

Meanwhile, if you wish to have a glimpse of the construction process of the Pong Project plus the finished product in action, hit the play button below.

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