Atari Is No Longer Just About Video Games, Enters Internet Of Things Industry


Last month, it was announced that The Art of Atari will be released in October. The 350-page art book chronicles the rich history of video game industry pioneer Atari through a collection of art that was used in advertisements, catalogs and other materials.

Video games, however, is no longer the only thing that Atari will be known for, as the iconic video game company is now dabbling into a new market.

Atari has unveiled a partnership with Sigfox to enter the Internet of Things business, with the two companies looking to release smart home, lifestyle, safety and pet products. The developments of these new smart products will start within the year, though no data has yet been mentioned on when they will be rolled out.

Sigfox is one of the leading providers of dedicated communications services for the Internet of Things, and it aims to connect everyday items to the Internet with a solution that is simple, low cost, reliable and energy efficient.

Sigfox is currently operating across 18 countries with 7 million devices powered by its network, and the partnership with Atari will look to utilize the video game company's brand and creative power to further the goal of building a global network that connects billions of smart objects.

While Atari will not be heavily involved in the development of the Internet of Things devices, its brand name will offer better recognition in the market. Under the Atari brand, Sigfox is hoping to get more of its devices into the hands of consumers.

The move for Atari could be considered an odd one, given its deep roots in video games and not in the Internet of Things. However, the company has been trying to get into more aspects of the technology industry lately, as evidenced by the licensing of its intellectual property. The partnership with Sigfox was perhaps the first good opportunity that presented itself to Atari.

The network of Sigfox is currently only established in certain parts of Europe. The company, however, claims that it will be launching soon in the United States and Australia.

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