'Street Fighter V' Ibuki Release Delayed, Will Come In June Alongside Story Mode


The official Street Fighter Twitter account has confirmed that Ibuki, Street Fighter V's newest character, will be released at the end of June alongside the game's story mode expansion DLC.

This is unfortunate news for fans who had been looking forward to playing as Ibuki ever since she was revealed during the Combo Breaker tournament on Sunday, and believed in Capcom's promise to release a character every month starting in April.

To date, there have been two DLC characters that have been added to Street Fighter V's roster since the game was released in Feburary. The first of these was Alex, who was released in March, and Guile, who was released in April. Ibuki was supposed to continue this trend by coming out in May, but Capcom missed its release schedule and she'll be coming out in June instead.

Capcom didn't give any specific reasons as to why this delay occurred, but it did confirm that Ibuki is set to come alongside the highly anticipated story expansion DLC. Capcom usually waits until the end of the month to release the latest content for Street Fighter V, and it looks like Ibuki and the story expansion will continue that trend by coming at the end of the month. While the news means fans will be able to get thier hands on the new content all at once, it also means they'll have to wait another month before it finally arrives.

This isn't the first delay Capcom has experienced with its release schedule. The in-game cash shop has yet to be fully implemented, so all DLC characters are free as a trial period to all players until it works in full. Unless it's fixed before they release, future DLC characters - Balrog, Juri and Urien - will also be free. Hopefully they won't be delayed like Ibuki was.

In case you missed it (or simply want to check it out again), watch the Ibuki reveal trailer below:

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