Here’s What Is Really In Starbucks' Secret 'Pink Drink’


There is nothing like a caramel latte in the morning, but summertime screams that it's time for a new drink. Customers may not know exactly what to order when wanting to change things up a bit, especially if they are looking for that new drink that has taken over Instagram.

This new drink that is guaranteed to be the most Instagrammable item on Starbucks' menu is known simply as the "Pink Drink." Just do a quick search using the hashtag #PinkDrink and see the thousands of posts that show off some iced beverage that has a Barbie-like color and has strawberries floating at the top.

At first glance, customers may assume this is just some summer spin on a dessert-style frappuccino - it's not, so don't go up to a barista and start asking for a bubblegum or birthday cake frap. This is not the drink that is popping up everywhere on social media.

The Pink Drink is actually a remixed version of the coffee chain's Strawberry Acaí Refresher. However, even though this beverage has become an instant success on Insta, that doesn't mean every barista will know what's in it in order to make it.

Here's what is exactly in the top secret Pink Drink:

The beverage uses the Strawberry Acaí Refresher as a base (which includes the Green Coffee Extract for caffeine), and swaps out water for coconut milk instead. This allows the drink to be creamy, closer to a frap than an iced coffee. Many people have compared the beverage to light strawberry milk.

Add the finishing touch: strawberries or even blackberries, and that's how the Pink Drink is made.

It's not known how many calories the Pink Drink has, but a grande (16 ounces) Strawberry Acaí Refresher only has 90 calories. Since the beverage doesn't use sugary syrups and opts for the healthier coconut milk instead of the whole milk used in frappuccinos, it might not be as bad as other menu items. At least customers will get the perfect Instagram photo out of their new order.

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