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World's Most Expensive Coffee Available In The US For $75 Per Cup

San Francisco-based Klatch Coffee Roasters is offering customers a chance to sample the premium Elida Geisha 803. At $75 per cup, Panamanian coffee is considered to be the most expensive variety in the world.

Life & Style May 13, 2019

Why Do People Love Coffee And Beer? It’s Not The Taste, Says Study

For many people, coffee and beer are essentials. Why? In a new study, researchs reveal that it’s not the taste but the 'buzz' that’s behind everyone’s addiction to their beverage of choice.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 3, 2019

Love Drinking Tea? These Are The Best Herbal Teas For Your Health

Love drinking tea? There are many different types of tea, including chamomile tea, black tea, and green tea. We've compiled a list of the best herbal teas to improve your health.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 1, 2018

Drinking Acidic Fruit Tea Can Damage Your Teeth, Scientists Say

Drinking tea comes with plenty of health benefits. However, a new study has found that acidic fruit tea can cause damage to teeth. Here’s everything you need to know.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 24, 2018

Dunkin’ Donuts Kills Well-Loved Coffee Coolatta, Replaces It With Summer Drink

Dunkin’ Donuts is discontinuing the popular Coffee Coolatta and introducing the new Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee this summer. The move is made to produce a coffee-centric lineup, likely in response to the growing coffee culture in U.S. cities.

Life & Style March 26, 2017

Starbucks New Secret Menu Item: What Is The Matcha Pink Drink?

Here’s what is in the latest secret menu item a Starbucks called the Matcha Pink Drink.

Life & Style February 21, 2017

Coca-Cola Lawsuit Claims Beverage Company Misled Public To Consume Unhealthy Drinks

Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association face lawsuit over deceptive marketing practices to promote and sell sugar-sweetened beverages. The Praxis Project advocacy group filed the complaint.

Public Health January 9, 2017

Krispy Kreme Pairs Up With Cheerwine Beverage Company To Make Doughnut-Flavored Soda

Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine teamed up to produce a doughnut-flavored soda: the Cheerwine Kreme. How does it taste? People who have tasted the drink have given their verdict.

Life & Style July 21, 2016

Starbucks’ Rainbow Secret Menu Is Complete: What’s Really In The New Orange, Blue And Green Drinks And How To Order Them

Orange — and blue and green — are the new pink when it comes to Starbucks’ secret menu. Here is what’s in the beverages and how to order them.

Life & Style June 29, 2016

How To Brew More Flavorful Coffee According To Science: Chill Coffee Beans

Brewing a more flavorful coffee is as simple as chilling the beans before grinding. How does colder temperature help boost coffee flavor?

Feature | Science June 14, 2016

Here’s What Is Really In Starbucks' Secret 'Pink Drink’

A new secret item on Starbucks' menu is simply called the 'Pink Drink.' Here's what's in it so you can order one and share it on Instagram.

Life & Style June 5, 2016

Teforia Is A Tea Brewing Robot That Uses Algorithms To Pour The Perfect Cup

Teforia is the at-home tea-brewing machine that uses algorithms to master your perfect cup of exotic blends.

Gadgets October 29, 2015

Keurig Introduces New Kold Machine That Lets You Make Coca-Cola At Home

Keurig Green Mountain announced its new machine that lets users make Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper Snapple Group products from their home with a push of a button.

Gadgets September 29, 2015

Starbucks serves up competition for Pumpkin Spice Latte with a new holiday drink

Starbucks confirmed that it will roll out a new holiday latte to compete with its other seasonal drinks.The new Chestnut Praline Latte will not only be competition for the Pumpkin Spice Latte, but it will also be served in an attempt to boost sales during the holiday season.

Internet Culture October 22, 2014

Artisanal ice is a thing, and it doesn't come cheap

There is such a thing as artisanal ice, and it will make your already expensive cocktails even pricier. Find out about this annoying new cocktail trend.

Internet Culture October 21, 2014

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