HTC Has A Selfie Contest Up, With The HTC 10 As The Prize


Hey, selfie enthusiasts. HTC has launched a contest that calls on users to send in their best selfies. The prize is the company's latest flagship smartphone, the HTC 10.

The contest is posted on HTC's official website, with the best selfies being featured in a video.

HTC even gave tips on how to take a selfie, if by any chance anyone would want some advice. HTC recommends users first find an interesting background then center themselves in the picture through their smartphone's front-facing camera. Smile and have fun while taking the selfies then send them in through the contest page.

The company also announced the promo through its official Twitter account, where it posted a selfie video of #TeamHTC.

There is no purchase necessary to be able to enter the contest, which is only open to residents of the United States of 18 years of age or older. The contest is open until June 10, which is less than a week from now, so those interested in joining better hurry up in taking their selfies.

There is no indication that there should only be one entry per person, so feel free to send in as many selfies as you want. In fact, there is even no indication that there will be only one winner, which should encourage even more entries to be sent in.

HTC holding a selfie contest for the HTC 10 is not surprising at all, given the fact that part of the smartphone's promo is selling it as a selfie machine. The front-facing camera of the smartphone is the first one to include the optical image stabilization feature, which should lead to even better looking selfies.

The HTC 10 was released into the U.S. market just last month. For those who are interested in acquiring the smartphone but have not yet been able to, perhaps it would be a good idea to try to win it first.

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