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$100,000 Up For Grabs For Someone Who Can Live Without A Smartphone For 365 Days

Vitaminwater recently announced it will be giving away $100,000 to someone who can ditch their smartphone for a year. It said this was an effort to break the boring routine that has plagued generations.

Gadgets December 14, 2018

Design A Nintendo T-Shirt And Win $10,000 Plus An NX

Clothing company Uniqlo wants to see your best Nintendo-related T-shirt designs, but that's not all: the best design will win the prize of all prizes: $10,000 plus a Nintendo NX console.

Video Games July 1, 2016

HTC Has A Selfie Contest Up, With The HTC 10 As The Prize

HTC is calling on selfie enthusiasts to send in their best selfies. The company has the HTC 10 as the prize for the contest, which is open for submissions until June 10.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 5, 2016

'Penny Dreadful' Art Contest To Give Away $1,000 To One Talented Fan

To kick off season three of 'Penny Dreadful,' Showtime announced an art contest that will allow fans to submit their best fan art for a chance to win prizes, including $1,000.

Movies/TV Shows April 19, 2016

Netflix Will Pay You $4K To Travel Europe And Take Instagram Photos

Netflix is holding a contest where the winners will be paid to fly to Europe and the Middle East and take Instagram photos of movie and TV settings for the company.

Apps/Software March 2, 2016

How'd You Like A Gold PS4? Taco Bell Has 6,000 To Give Away

Taco Bell is holding a contest to give away PlayStation 4 bundles that include a console, controller, PS Plus, and the 'Uncharted' remaster. And the console is gold.

Geek September 18, 2015

Here's The LEGO Set Exclusive To San Diego Comic-Con

If you're making the annual pilgrimage to geek mecca in San Diego in July, there's one super exclusive LEGO set you'll be able to get there. But it won't be easy...

Movies/TV Shows June 18, 2015

Two Women Attempt To Blow A Cockroach Down Each Other's Throat, Because Japan

This is the kind of Japanese game show challenge that nightmares are made of.

Internet Culture May 12, 2015

Intel Science Talent Search Honors Young Scientists Across The Country

Intel makes it attractive for young scientists to pursue their passions by sweetening the pot for this year's Intel Science Talent Search. Over $1 million in prizes were awarded to the brightest in the U.S.

March 13, 2015

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Listed At $699 On Preregistration Giveaway Contest

T-Mobile's unlocked variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will cost $699 per a preregistration giveaway listing, which gives the approximate retail value of the smartphone.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 5, 2015

HTC Raffles HTC One M9 Valued At $599 For U.S. Customers: Here's How To Join

HTC is giving away five of its newest flagship smartphones, the One M9, to promo winners in the U.S. The contest will last until Mar. 24 this year.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 5, 2015

123 Winners' Names Lost: Sony Accidentally Wipes List of Contest Winners

Sony says it doesn't know exactly how, but it accidentally erased its list of contest winners. Still, it asserted that no sensitive user information was compromised as a result of the incident.

Video Games February 28, 2015

Creator Of 'MacGyver' Wants To Reboot With A Female Lead

Ah, MacGyver. How we miss thee. MacGyver's creator, Lee Zlotoff, is kicking off a contest to find the next great science/engineering hero. The twist is that this time his hero will be a woman.

Movies/TV Shows February 21, 2015

All Of The PlayStation's Best Games, Recreated In 'Minecraft'

There have been some spectacular builds in Minecraft before, but there are few quite like the PlayStation 20th Anniversary builds. These contest winners aren't just great tributes to the PlayStation, but some of the best Minecraft builds ever.

Geek December 9, 2014

Win Free Starbucks For Life: Here's How

Want to win free Starbucks for the rest of your life? Of course you do! The coffee titan is holding a month-long contest to award 14 lucky winners with the greatest prize they will ever win.

Internet Culture December 3, 2014

NASA launches Mars Balance Mass Challenge with $20,000 prize

NASA needs design ideas for payloads to be used in future explorations on the Red Planet Mars. Registration has just opened, and the winner will take home $20,000 as prize.

Space September 23, 2014

Adults build famous movie scenes with Legos

Lego-loving grown-ups recreated famous movie scenes for an annual contest using blocks from the world’s largest toy maker. The winner was a reenactment from a famous ‘80s movie.

Movies/TV Shows September 14, 2014

Find one of Taco Bell's eleven Everlasting Dollars and win free Taco Bell for life

Taco Bell reveals their latest advertising campaign. Dubbed "The Everlasting Dollar," 11 lucky participants can get a chance to win a lifetime's worth of Taco Bell food.

Movies/TV Shows August 31, 2014

'Game of Thrones' fans win elaborate wedding; marry as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

A British couple won the ultimate 'Game of Thrones' wedding from Blinkbox. The entire wedding party became Westeros residents for the elaborate, authentic event.

Movies/TV Shows July 5, 2014

Win rock-paper-scissors game every time with this mathematical formula

Rock-paper-scissors not as random as you might think, researchers say. A simple strategy can improve your chances of winning.

May 2, 2014

Goodyear wants you to name its new blimp

The most advanced Goodyear blimp to date has all the hi-tech trappings and luxury, but it does not still have a name. Goodyear is inviting all to send in their suggestions, and the winner will get to ride in the blimp for a day, together with five of his friends.

March 15, 2014

Help NASA save the world by hunting down dangerously close asteroids and maybe win $35,000

How can you win $35,000 and (maybe) save the Earth at the same time? Take a look into NASA's newest challenge for private scientists!

Space March 12, 2014

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