A "fireball" UFO flying through space was sighted during NASA's International Space Station live feed on May 31.

SecureTeam10 posted a 6-minute YouTube video showing a ball of light coming up from behind the ISS, flaring up several times before suddenly disappearing. Tyler Glockner, who operates the YouTube channel, said the video was emailed to him by someone who was watching ISS space camera live feeds. The particular video was from the May 31 live feed.

From the background, you can hear Glockner speculating about the source of light and how it suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Glockner also noted that the said fireball can be easily distinguished because of the ISS' relative position to the Earth.

The ball of light can be seen changing its color from white to red, as if flaring larger, before it completely disappears.

"When you look at this thing up close, it comes directly up out of nowhere, out of the darkness of space," said Glockner.

While fireballs are sometimes spotted in the Earth's atmosphere, seeing them in space is quite impossible since fire in itself cannot exist in space due to lack of oxygen.

Possible Explanations

One explanation could be a cube satellite had been released from the ISS before the mysterious fireball was sighted. There are times when these satellites come with solar panels to assist in power up and the ball of light could be from the said panels.

Many of the commenters said that the flare of light could be space debris that burns up as it enters the Earth's atmosphere.

Seeing these kinds of mysterious objects in space is not really uncommon, and in fact, NASA has previously clarified that many of the UFOs spotted in the live feeds are easily explainable. In an email to Tech Times, NASA spokesperson Daniel G. Huot wrote:

"Reflections on the station's windows, lights from the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artifacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory, just as reflections often appear in pictures taken through windows here on Earth."

Here is the video posted by SecureTeam10:

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