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International Space Station Launches First Spacecraft To Clean Up Space Junk

The International Space Station launched RemoveDebris, created by Airbus and sent to the ISS by the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The first spacecraft to attempt cleaning up space junk will carry out three experiments over the next several months.

Space June 25, 2018

Russia Constructing Powerful 'Space Laser' To Remove Some 500,000 Junk Items Orbiting The Earth

Russian scientists with Roscosmos are working on a laser cannon that will shoot down space debris. There are over 500,000 pieces of space junk orbiting the Earth.

Space June 12, 2018

Debris Collector Launched Inside Falcon 9 May Help Solve Space Junk Problem

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 is delivering more than just supplies and scientific equipment. It contains a revolutionary RemoveDebris collector that may be the ultimate solution to the Earth’s space junk problem.

Space April 5, 2018

India Loses Contact With Brand New Satellite: Will It Crash Like The Tiangong-1?

The Indian Space Research Organisation lost contact with the GSAT 6A satellite, which was just launched several days ago. Will the GSAT 6A crash back to Earth just like the Chinese space station Tiangong-1?

Space April 4, 2018

Chinese Spacecraft To Fall Back To Earth: What Are The Chances It Could Hit You?

China's Tiangong-1 spacecraft is expected to crash back to Earth and some of its parts will not burn up. What are the odds its debris could hit someone on Earth?

Space March 11, 2018

Chinese Scientists Want To Clean Up Space Junk By Blasting Them With Lasers

Space junk is a growing threat against satellites and spacecraft such as the International Space Station. To solve the problem, scientists from China suggested for the space debris to be blasted with lasers.

Space January 16, 2018

The International Space Station Will Soon Get A New Tool To Protect Itself From Space Junk

SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft will go on a resupply service mission next week to the International Space Station. Included in the cargo is the Space Debris Sensor, which will provide additional protection to the space station from space debris.

Space December 8, 2017

NASA To Study Tiny Space Debris Using New Sensor On ISS

The U.S. space agency is sending the Space Debris Sensor to the ISS to study dust-sized debris. The SDS will observe space junk that is smaller than a millimeter.

Space December 2, 2017

Gecko Feet Inspire Robotic Gripper That Can Eliminate Space Debris: Other Ways NASA Can Use Gecko-Inspired Technology

A gecko-inspired robotic gripper can help NASA get rid of space junk. Astronauts at the International Space Station also have potential uses for technologies that are based on the feet of geckos.

Space June 29, 2017

Robot Gripper With Adhesives Inspired By Geckos May Help Clean Up Space Junk

Space debris that orbit Earth pose threats to satellites and even to astronauts stationed at the ISS. A robot gripper with adhesive inspired by the feet of the geckos may offer solution to the space junk problem.

Space June 28, 2017

ESA Calls For Sustainable Future In Space, Cites Growing Problem Of Orbital Debris

The European Space Agency (ESA) has raised concerns over the alarming rise of space debris. The junk scenario is posing a serious threat to many active satellites and other assets.

Space April 23, 2017

Space Debris Is A Growing Threat, Scientists Warn

Scientists sound the alarm on space debris and their dangers on satellites and spacecraft. Find out, for instance, how protected the International Space Station in low-Earth orbit is.

Space April 20, 2017

Japanese Space Junk Clean Up Mission Fails, Dangerous Debris Still Swirling Around Earth

A space junk cleanup mission conducted by JAXA has failed, which means dangerous debris are swirling around Earth. Over 100 million pieces of garbage-like rocket bits and cast-off equipment from old satellites have been dumped into Earth's atmosphere.

Space February 8, 2017

Fireball UFO Flying Through Space Captured On ISS Live Feed

A YouTube video posted on June 3 shows a fireball mysteriously flaring near the International Space Station. The light cannot really be a fireball, as fire in itself cannot possibly exist in space due to lack of oxygen.

Space June 6, 2016

Space Junk Debris Cracks International Space Station Window

A tiny portion of the International Space Station window cracked because of a small piece of flying space debris. Do these space junk pose an immediate threat?

Space May 13, 2016

What Happened To Japan's Hitomi Satellite? Space Experts Have Some Ideas

JAXA confirmed on March 26 that it has lost contact with its ASTRO-H or Hitomi satellite. Although the agency has yet to find out the satellite's current state, space experts have 'sleuthed' their way to finding out what happened.

Space March 30, 2016

Space Junk Orbiting Earth May Trigger Third World War, Says Russian Scientist

Space junk may someday cause World War III, says a Russian scientist. The potential damage of these debris on military satellites may be misinterpreted by countries as deliberate attacks.

Space January 26, 2016

Vietnam Officials Seize Mysterious Metal Balls That Fell From Space

Vietnamese military seized three bizarre metal objects that fell from the sky for military investigation. Initial findings showed they are made from Russia and could be part of a failed satellite launch. Similar objects were also found in Turkey and Spain in November 2015.

Space January 9, 2016

Space Junk Into Motion: How Much We're Polluting The Outer Space [Video]

A researcher at the University College London crafted a visualization which shows how much the Earth’s orbit has been cluttered with debris in the last 58 years. We highlighted the reasons for the growing pollution and some ways to keep it under control.

FUTURE TECH December 29, 2015

Not Santa's Sleigh: Mysterious Object Spotted In Night Sky Was Russian Rocket

The mysterious fireball seen streaking across the night sky from California to Southern Utah was just debris from a Russian rocket reentering Earth's atmosphere. People seeking more information are advised to address their questions to the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Space December 26, 2015

This Robotic Space Engine Eats Space Junk And Turns It Into Fuel

Researchers from China have come up with an idea for a space engine that basically eats space junk and turns that space junk into fuel, boosting the engine forward.

FUTURE TECH December 4, 2015

Mystery Space Object WT1190F To Fall To Earth On Friday The 13th

The mysterious falling object WT1190F is flying down the skies and into the Earth's atmosphere. Scientists take this as an opportunity to learn more about how to predict where exactly falling objects land once they hit the ground.

Space November 13, 2015

Experts Say Incoming Space Debris In November Provides Opportunity For Scientific Research

Astronomers and other experts have begun conducting observations of the space object designated as WT1190F as it nears the Earth. They believe the piece of debris, which is set to hit the Earth on Nov. 13, provides researchers with an opportunity to carry out scientific studies on such objects from space.

Space October 27, 2015

Massive Piece Of Space Junk WT1190F To Crash Back To Earth Next Month

Astronomers say that a massive piece of space junk called WT1190F will soon crash back into the Earth next month. The early discovery of the WT1190F has led scientists to compute its trajectory and predict when and where it will crash.

Space October 26, 2015

ESA Rocket Debris Found In Fort Lauderdale Beach Currently Being Investigated

Several pieces of space debris from a European Space Agency rocket were spotted in the water by local beachgoers on Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida.

Space August 4, 2015

Space Station Astronauts Forced To Take Shelter Due To Russian Space Debris

Three astronauts were forced to take shelter aboard the ISS as a piece of an old Russian weather satellite went racing past. How close did the ISS come to tragedy?

Space July 16, 2015

Authorities Warn Public Of Dangerous Debris From Rocket Explosion Washing Up On Beaches

Officials from NASA and the U.S. Coast Guard have warned the public about falling debris from SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, which exploded and broke apart minutes after its launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

July 1, 2015

Space Station To Get 'Death Star' Laser Cannon To Deal With Space Junk?

Scientists propose using a high-power telescope teamed with a laser to identify and blast space junk that might threaten the International Space Station. Such as system would be inexpensive compared with other current proposals for dealing with space debris, they say.

Space May 18, 2015

Debris From Satellite Explosion Could Pose Threat To Spacecraft

After the explosion of a satellite earlier this year, a group of scientists have come to the conclusion that the leftover debris could be hazardous to other spacecraft and missions in orbit.

Geek May 6, 2015

Doomed Russian Cargo Ship To Re-Enter Earth's Atmosphere Next Week But Don't Worry

NASA officials report that the out-of-control Russian Progress 59 capsule is expected to burn up in the atmosphere next week.

Geek May 2, 2015

Bzzzt! Scientists Want To Use Laser To Clear Space Debris

A group of scientists proposed a system for eliminating smaller pieces of space junk. The group plans to use fiber optic laser, which could catch objects as small as a centimeter in diameter.

Geek April 18, 2015

Cleaning Up Old Satellites And Space Junk Could Soon Be Done With Giant Fishing Nets

Go fishing in space? Tests are under way as the ESA is considering using fishing nets for capturing space debris and clearing junk from busy orbit lanes.

Space March 25, 2015

U.S. Military Satellite Explodes, Possibly Due To Temperature Spike

The Dmsp-F13 satellite has exploded in orbit. What happened to this military weather satellite?

Space March 3, 2015

This robot arm with super fast reflex is awesome but what purpose may it serve? (Video)

A robotic arm capable of catching objects in mid-air may provide significant advances for safety on, and above, the Earth.

May 14, 2014

How do you dodge 100 million pieces of space junk? Yes, it can be a 'Gravity-like' disaster

Congress discusses possible solutions on how to deal with space junk. Concerns about a real-life "Gravity" incident continue to mount.

Space May 13, 2014

Double Trouble: ISS dodges space junk but encounters coolant leak

The International Space Station saw a pair of challenges this week, as they had to dodge space junk and a coolant failed. What could this say about the future of space travel?

Space March 20, 2014

Japan getting ready to cast huge magnetic net to catch space junk

Japan plans to use magnetic "net" to deal with the problem of space debris.

Space January 26, 2014

Was the mysterious Iowa fireball a meteor, space debris or alien spacecraft?

Residents of mid-western states reported fireball-like object sighting in the sky. Could it be meteor, space debris or an alien spacecraft in trouble?

Animals December 30, 2013

Space Ferrari chooses Atlantic Ocean as its final resting place

The GOCE satellite of the European Space Agency burned on its way back to earth. The debris of the spacecraft splashed into the waters near Falkland Islands.

Space November 12, 2013

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