Telltale Games has released a trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6, "A Portal To Mystery."

Telltale Games, the developer and publisher of Minecraft: Story Mode, says that this mode is like a playable TV show, which is based on a game. Gamers play as the star of the TV show and their actions or choices decide the way a story will be told.

Minecraft: Story Mode is an ongoing episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game that is based on Minecraft. Telltale Games released the five-episode game between October 2015 and March 2016. The game developer also announced that it will release three more episodes as downloadable content in mid-2016. The game is being developed in partnership with Mojang, the developer of Minecraft.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5, "Order Up!" was the last episode to be released in March this year. Episode 6 is launching on June 7.

The game story goes that in an attempt to return to their own world, Jesse and friends land themselves in another bizarre world, which is full of dangers. The gang take refuge in a spooky mansion where they meet some adventurers from the Minecraft community.

"With a timely invitation to take refuge in a spooky mansion, they find themselves thrown into a thrilling mystery alongside famous members of the Minecraft community: Stampy Cat, Stacy Plays, DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart), LDShadowLady AND CaptainSparklez!" says Telltale Games.

The game developer says that "A Portal to Mystery" is the beginning of an add-on series of three post-season adventures. Gamers will have the option to purchase individual DLCs for $4.99. The Adventure Pass that costs $14.99 will offer access to Episodes 6, 7 and 8 when they release.

Telltale Games notes that gamers should own at least Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1, or the season pass disc to purchase the upcoming episodes.

Minecraft: Story Mode has a big fan following and they will be looking forward to play the sixth episode and solve the mystery of 'Who Is The White Pumpkin?'

Check out the launch trailer of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6, "A Portal to Mystery."

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