Viber users will now be able to access all their in-app text messages no matter what — even if they upgrade to a new smartphone.

The messaging app released a new update on Tuesday that allows users to back up their message history.

Both iOS and Android users can manually back up their chat history to their cloud service (either iCloud or Google Drive). This means they will be able to read all their texts from family and friends on the platform if they need to delete and reinstall the app, or when they get a new device.

Just keep in mine that, once the data is saved to the cloud service, Viber no longer encrypts it.

Once the app is installed again, users can restore their account if they are still using the same operating system as before — or when trying to prove a point that their friend really did make that comment months ago.

This new feature will help Viber's more than 711 million users worldwide keep the messages that may have sentimental value to them.

In addition, messages just got a whole lot more animated on the platform.

That's because the update also includes GIF support so that users can send, receive and view the animated images in all conversations. The GIFs are auto-played in a continuous loop and can be inserted from the user's image gallery or by copying the URL of the image and pasting it into the conversation.

Even though GIF support may seem like a silly new feature to be excited about it, Viber's competition WhatsApp does not allow users to send and receive GIFs, so this is just one more thing to set the platforms apart.

Version 6.1 of Viber also features the ability for users in the U.S. to send money in the app via Western Union to more than 200 countries and territories, a partnership between the two companies that was previously announced earlier this year. With the new money transfer option, users can send up to $499 to be picked up at a Western Union location by the recipient, or deposit money directly into a bank account in nearly 50 countries.

The update also includes the ability for users to see their balance to their Viber Out calling plan and purchase new credits. The iOS version of the messaging app also got Apple Watch OS 2 support with this update.

Viber recently launched its app for Windows 10 devices, with the beta app now available for Windows PCs, where users can take advantage of free calls and messages, complete with end-to-end encryption.

The iOS and Android update is now available in the app stores.

Source: Viber

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