Twitch streamers can make quite a living out of providing entertainment for fellow geeks, but sometimes the incentives are unexpected.

Lea "LegendaryLea" May was shocked recently when a person nicknamed iNexus_Ninja donated $250 during a Hearthstone session. And then $250 more landed in Lea's PayPal account.

Soon enough, the donations targeted at Lea topped $11,000, which is the exact point you would expect someone to take a pause from gaming to start dancing, which she totally did. Such sums of money are nothing to trifle with, and Lea's enthusiasm was understandable.

However, she was not the only one stroked by iNexus_Ninja's generosity.

The Twitch donor channeled his appreciation in financial form toward other streamers such as Sodapoppin, Dizzykitten and NoSleepTV, with total donations amassing about $50,000.

According to LiveStreamFails' report, the patron was simply a troll. His master plan was to wait a month and cancel the transactions through PayPal, causing the streamers to be left with some amount of debt. PayPal, however, denied the canceling of the transactions, so the joke is on him.

It looks like the mysterious troll is actually an 18-year-old Australian named Anthony Archer.

Based on this Reddit thread, Archer tapped into his parents' credit card to start his "support campaign."

It is not that uncommon for streamers to get massive amounts of cash thrown at them. As early as 2013, a patron going under the nickname "Amhai" opened its gold chest for streamers who were delivering entertainment while embarking on epic adventures in World of Warcraft's Mists of Pandaria.

During the WoW streamed gaming sessions, Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris got $50,000, while Lea May got her account filled with $22,000. Isaac "Azael" Cummings-Bentley became $33,000 richer thanks to Amhai's contributions.

The patron did maintain a high level of discretion, but rumors surfaced pointing out that he might be an oil tycoon from one of the OPEC countries. Cummings-Bentley got to talk to him and is backing the donor's discretion.

"He is just a very, very wealthy individual," Cummings-Bentley affirms.

From the fact that the credit card of Archer's parents did not bounce at the donations, we can assume that his folks are not doing bad either.

On the bright side, he seems to still have a generous amount of free game codes to share with the world.

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You may watch LiveStreamFails' report below to get a better picture of the iNexus_Ninja shenanigans.

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