Street Fighter V is finally getting the cinematic story expansion fans have been waiting for, Capcom officially confirmed.

Called "A Shadow Falls," the upcoming cinematic story mode will become available later this month, bringing up to four hours of gameplay as well as playable DLC characters.

Those who own the Street Fighter V main game will receive the treat as a free DLC. "A Shadow Falls" will include five chapters designed to bridge the gap between the third and fourth titles in the Street Fighter franchise.

"This is the first time in franchise history that fans will be able to play through this type of cinematic experience in a Street Fighter game," says Capcom.

In the story mode, the World Warriors will challenge the evil Shadaloo organization in an epic battle. Shadaloo deploys seven "Black Moons" and M. Bison gets tremendous power, casting total darkness over the earth.

Ryu, Chun-Li and Ken waste no time in taking action after seeing the moons appear, and set out to retrieve the fragment pieces they need to stop the madness brought by the Black Moons.

The heroic trio meet the other World Warriors along their way and together they wage the ultimate battle of good vs. evil.

Capcom also points out that all DLC characters - Alex, Ibuki, Guile, Juri, Balrog and Urien - will be fully playable in the expansion. Since the six characters will only become officially available later this year, "A Shadow Falls" will give Street Fighter V fans the chance to play them early.

However, the DLC characters that will be playable in the cinematic story are yet to be released and should not be considered final or ready for tournament. They will still need additional polish and balance before their final release, so this will be just an early sample.

After finishing the Street Fighter V story mode, players will also be able to earn Fight Money either in Normal Mode or in Extreme Mode. The Normal Mode will offer 30,000 Fight Money, while the Extra Mode will bring 50,000 Fight Money, but only after the Normal Mode is completed.

The June update will also include additional content such as premium Battle Costumes for each character, albeit these will be available only with real currency. Story Mode costumes are also in the cards.

Capcom does not offer an exact release date for the new Street Fighter V story expansion, but says it will arrive at the end of this month. We'll keep you posted as soon as more specific details are available, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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