Bethesda's E3 presentation is over and done with, but the company still has some unannounced things up its sleeve.

Bethesda VP of public relations Pete Hines told IGN that the company has two other games in the works, games big enough to be put in the same scope as Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Those two games should also get a release date before The Elder Scrolls 6 (which is also still an unannounced game). That means that these games aren't related to Fallout or The Elder Scrolls, but could mark the company's foray into two new IPs. The company also reiterated that players aren't getting The Elder Scrolls 6 anytime soon. Hines spoke about why, which includes his mention of these two new titles.

"He (Todd Howard) said for sure that he's got two other projects," Hines said to IGN. "I'm just making sure folks understand, like, that doesn't mean he's going to spit out a DLC and another DLC and we're head faking. Like, I need folks to understand that we're talking about big games like a Skyrim and a Fallout 4 and a Fallout 3 and those don't just happen."

For those sad about having to wait so long for a new chapter in The Elder Scrolls saga, though, Bethesda did announce a remastered version of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that will arrive in October. Fus Ro Dah. The company will also release The Elder Scrolls Legends, a strategy card game set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls. Finally, the company mentioned new additions to The Elder Scrolls Online, including the Dark Brotherhood expansion pack.

The company also announced Prey, a reimagining of a previous game of the same name: the trailer showed a departure from what most expect from Bethesda and highlighted the sci-fi setting and strange nature of the title.

Bethesda showcased DLC for Fallout 4 and new additions coming to mobile game Fallout Shelter. Fans also cheered when the company announced that it would bring back Quake in Quake Champions. The company also teased a new Wolfenstein game during the trailer for Quake Champions.

The most impressive presentation by the company, though, was when it revealed actual gameplay from Dishonored 2, which will let players choose to play as Emily or Corvo. The stealth action adventure game comes out on Nov. 11.

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