Good news for iPad owners, you can now watch Netflix and simultaneously use other apps. That's right, the much-awaited support for Picture-In-Picture functionality for iPad has been pushed out by Netflix.

On June 14, Netflix rolled out the Picture-in-Picture multitasking feature for the Apple tablet running the latest iOS 9 version. The feature lets users minimize their screens so that they can run other applications at the same time in the backdrop.

So thanks to the support, you can stream the movie you love, and at the same time check your email in the background!

Even though the Picture-in-Picture feature was introduced by Apple with the arrival of iOS 9 in 2015, Netflix did not support the same. This left many iPad users wondering when the support would arrive for the tablet. Now with its arrival — after a prolonged wait — iPad users can breathe easy.

Interestingly, other online video streaming services such as Hulu supported the Picture-in-Picture feature soon after the arrival of iOS 9.

The last update from Netflix for the iOS was in February, as reported by Tech Times, when the streaming service introduced 3D Touch support. It has also optimized video for 12.9-inch iPad Pro display.

To enable the Picture-in-Picture feature, the Apple tablet will need to support iOS 9.3.2 and Netflix iOS app version 8.7.0.

The latest Netflix for iOS app player does not have a button that will help activate the nifty Picture-in-Picture feature. However, it will become enabled once a user closes the application.

However, if you are running the iOS 10 beta for developers, you will not be able to deploy the latest multitasking functionality on the iPad.

Moreover, the Picture-in-Picture feature is compatible only with certain iPad models. Curious as to which models are compatible? The iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, 12.9-inch iPad Pro and iPad Pro.

You can begin the playback in the app itself on compatible tablets. However, to continue watching the thumbnail view somewhere else, one needs to press the Home button.

While iPad users will be excited with the arrival of the Picture-in-Picture feature, they would be hoping that Netflix for iOS app will soon offer support for Split View as well!

To download the latest Netflix app for iOS, you can head to the Apple App Store.

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