It doesn't take a tech genius to figure out how to stream a movie or TV series on Netflix. However, if you are anything like us, using the platform religiously means you too have probably learned a few tricks and tips along the way.

While you might already know keyboard shortcuts like "F" for full screen and the up arrow to increase the volume, or that you can download the Netflix app to use your smartphone as a remote, there is always something new to learn about the streaming service. For example, did you know you could type in various number codes at the end of the URL to unlock hidden categories?

This is just one of the many hacks subscribers can use to enhance their streaming experience. There are various other hidden menus to help you do a variety of things, and multiple ways to find quality content that suits your personal tastes beyond what Netflix recommends.

In order to master Netflix, all you need to do is become aware of some of these tricks that are guaranteed to change the way you use the platform.

Here are the eight Netflix hacks you should start using so that you can stream and binge-watch like a boss.

Finding New Content With Flix Roulette

Netflix provides a few ways for subscribers to easily find new titles to stream, such as in the "Trending Now" and "Recently Added" tabs. However, that doesn't mean that sometimes, you just can't seem to find anything to watch.

Flix Roulette fixes this by providing users with a way to find titles available at random. Visit the site and select (or don't and be surprised) a genre form the drop-down menu and hit "spin." Flix Roulette will then randomly bring up the title, along with its Netflix rating, synopsis, director and cast. Click on the "watch on Netflix" button to be redirected to the platform and start streaming.

Users can also set parameters to filter for a more specific title by entering in the name of the director, actor or keyword related to what they are in the mood to watch.

Make Sure You're Streaming In HD

Now that you have titles to stream, it's time to make sure you are watching them in high definition. If you are paying for HD, you better make sure that you know where to double-check that HD streaming is enabled in your settings.

Go to "Your Account," look under "My Profile" and click on "Playback settings." You can then check off to stream content in the best video quality, or instead opt to keep it on auto, where the video quality will adjust based on your Internet connection. Keep in mind if you stream Netflix on your phone, you might want to be careful since HD videos use up more data to stream.

Put An End To Buffering

There is nothing more annoying than a weak Internet connection preventing you from streaming your favorite series. Now, you no longer have to suffer through these brief pauses, because there is a hidden menu called Stream Manager that can solve your problems.


If you use a Mac, press and hold down on Shift+Opt, or Shift+Alt on a PC and left-click. Those who use Chrome should hold down on Ctrl+Shift+Alt/Opt+S, and if you stream Netflix on Wii, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 consoles, use the directional pad and click up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up.

This will bring up a menu that will fix all your buffering issues by changing the bandwidth. You probably have run into the problem where the audio doesn't match the video. This can also be fixed in this hidden menu.

Hide "Continue Watching" Titles

You might have noticed that titles that you already streamed still appear on the "Continue Watching" category tab on your Netflix home screen. Hide these titles to make room for the ones you want to pick up watching after falling asleep the night before by editing your profile settings.

Go to "Your Account," look under "My Profile" and click on "Viewing Activity." Here, you will be able to see all of the titles you recently streamed. Click on the "X" to remove from the viewing activity. These titles will no longer appear in the "Continue Watching" section.

Binge Guilt-Free

When we find a new series we can't get enough of, all we want to do is binge-watch until we completely finish the series. However, we might feel like it's time to step away from the screen after Netflix judges us with the pop-up message that asks us if we are still watching or not. There is a Chrome extension called Flix Assist that will click the continue watching button for users so that this message does not appear anymore. Feel free to binge away without the added guilt.


If you don't use Chrome, you can always go into "Your Account" and enable auto-play. This feature will play the next episode automatically. Just go to "Playback Settings" and check the box under "Auto-Play." You can also uncheck it if you want to curb your addiction for a later date or want to give yourself food and bathroom breaks every two to three episodes.

Enhance Streaming with NEnhancer

This Chrome extension makes it easy to become a true Netflix master when it comes to picking stream-worthy titles. Called NEnhancer, the plug-in adds lots of information to the platform, such as ratings and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Users can click on these additional ratings to be taken directly to that movie's page on those sites.

Other cool features include movie trailers and a pop-out player that always stays on top, although this feature is still in beta.

Spice Up Your Subtitles

Streaming Narcos opened our eyes to being able to enjoy content that is not in English. Who knew reading subtitles wouldn't bother you so much? Now that you might want to stream more foreign films, you may want to spice up your subtitles. Change the font type, color and size by going to "Your Account," look under "My Profile" and click on "Subtitle appearance." Just make sure the text is big enough for you to read and pick a font type that will be easier on the eyes.

Stream With Friends

Sure, you can spend an entire weekend devoted to your Netflix, but what is a movie or series marathon without having some friends to comment on those best show moments? No, you don't need to invite people over to share your couch. Just use this platform or extension that allows users to stream with their friends.

The first one you can use is Rabbit, which is a group chat platform that allows users to pull up a window to stream Netflix together. That means your friend without a subscription can still watch Daredevil with you.

The Chrome extension Showgoers for Netflix also lets friends watch together, only you will need you own account. To use this extension, start playing a movie and click on the Showgoers button to send the link to whomever you want to watch with you. The movies will sync to play at the same time and will even pause simultaneously if you need to take a break.

Now, go forth with this is new knowledge and enhance own your Netflix account.

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