T-Mobile announced T-Mobile Tuesdays in early June this year, giving free gifts to subscribers including Domino's pizza. However, the pizza maker has opted out of the promotion because of overwhelming demand.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays app entitled the carrier's customers to get a free medium pizza with two toppings from Domino's on Tuesdays.

"In addition, the Un-carrier announced T-Mobile Tuesdays, a new app that thanks T-Mobile customers with free stuff and epic prizes, every Tuesday. T-Mobile has partnered with some of the best and coolest brands to thank its customers every single week, including Gilt, Domino's, StubHub, Wendy's, VUDU, Fandango, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures, Lyft and more ... with new gifts and more partners unveiled every Tuesday," said T-Mobile.

However, many Domino's franchises struggled to accommodate the high demand for pizza from the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, posted on Twitter that some Domino's franchises received three to four times the number of orders than a regular day because of the T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion. The tweet included a Domino memo to franchise owners confirming the suspension of the the promotion indefinitely.

"Many thanks to you and your employees for all of the hard work these past two weeks during this promotion. We understand this program put a lot of stress on your stores, and we appreciate everything you have done to handle the rush and serve Domino's customers as best as possible. The hard work that's done on the front lines always makes the Domino's brand proud," says the memo.

T-Mobile is not the only carrier that is giving away free stuff on Tuesdays. In early June, AT&T also started a customer appreciation program called AT&T Thanks, which is similar to T-Mobile Tuesdays. AT&T Thanks entitled its subscribers to get two-for-one movie tickets on Tuesday nights.

"Great service goes beyond the day to day relationship we have with our customers - it also includes ways to say thank you - we appreciate you," said David Christopher, chief marketing officer of AT&T Entertainment Group. "AT&T thanks is kicking off with some great entertainment-focused benefits and will build over time. The relationship we have with our customers will get better and better with exciting ways for us to show our appreciation."

It will be interesting to see if Domino's rejoins the program in the near term. The other giveaways as part of T-Mobile Tuesdays remain intact but the free pizza promotion was most probably one of the best parts of the program.

Photo: Connie Ma | Flickr

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